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Zapty is a project monitoring tool that effectively reduces email clutter by combining actionable real-time conversations with its project management and information system and other core productivity tools for seamless collaboration, discussion and document sharing. Zapty can be utilized by a multitude of businesses, be it as collaboration software for lawyers, collaboration tool for marketing agencies, or simply as a task scheduling or a free task management tool.

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To do list software


Effective Project Management

& Tasks

Collaboration task management

Collaboration & Sharing

To do list software


Team Work Project Management

Team & Shared

Managing multiple projects

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And much, much more

Effective Project Management

Global Search

Best Task Scheduler


Flow task management


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  • Revolutionised the way we work!

    "Zapty has really revolutionised the way we are working at Instavans. Our tech team finds the image annotation feature very useful to collaborate effectively. Also by setting recurring tasks for all within my sales group, I get everyone's sales report at the end of the day in one place. What sets Zapty apart, is their uniqueness in offering so much within a single work tool. Keep up the great work."

    - Vinay Goyal, Instavans

  • Tremendous increase in productivity!

    "At Webenza, we have been trying to standardize on a collaboration platform for quite a while and through the years we have used various tools to meet our diverse and ever-changing needs. Over the last year we are really happy to have finally adopted Zapty as a single platform over all the others due to features that lend themselves well for the Digital Media Marketing industry. The amount of time it has saved us just to get client approvals or on internal collaboration for all of our creative, content or technology initiatives has led to a tremendous increase in productivity. The video conferencing feature has been a great addition. Keep up the great work, Team Zapty!!"

    - Puneet Pahuja, Webenza

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