About Us

How It All Started?

They say, “Necessity is the mother of invention”.
We say, “Technology is the mother of disruption”.

You give us technology and look what we create! Zapty is a tool to disrupt the way productivity and collaboration has been ever imagined. Modern teams and working professionals no longer need traditional systems of communicating. And Zapty as a project management and collaboration software offers a disruptive potential to them making their work easier by managing chaos and also doubling up as a powerful knowledge hub for the team. It was the original brainchild of Arvind Agarwal and Sanjay Shah who realized a need for a comprehensive collaboration tool using a radically different approach very early on. Later, in 2016, Teja Shah, with her past experience around customer success in a successful SaaS company, joined Zapty to add a very customer-centric approach to an otherwise difficult problem. While there are several platforms available for collaboration, there are none that combine it all to give a seamless experience.

The idea took shape when Arvind and Sanjay were still working together on their previous venture, Skelta. Despite being a small team, they were growing at a fast rate (from 5 to a whopping 250 in just 5 years) and communication issues were rampant (excessive internal emails, team communication hassles, etc.). When Skelta got acquired by Invensys, Plc., the collaboration issues became exponential. They were now spread across multiple offices and integration challenges (work flexibility, transparency & accountability in communication, intensive collaboration, etc.) were at a peak. And there was not a single tool to tackle this!

The idea of creating a new platform, which would help them collaborate seamlessly grew stronger. So was born Zapty, with which you can converse in context of whatever you are doing: whether you are chatting with the team or working with a document or a task or even a project or a poll or an approval or any other work pattern and from anywhere. It prioritizes and keeps you on top of only those things that matter the most to you.


April 12

Custom Project Dashboards (April 2018)

Online dashboards for projects for 360º executive reporting was integrated.
April 5

Zapier Integrations (April 2018)

Zapier for Zapty enables integration with 1000s of apps.
November 9

Solutions for marketing depts and agencies (November 2017)

White labeling, Branding options for agencies with Project Templates by Industry Experts went live.
August 20

Workflow Templates (August 2017)

Multi-disciplinary project templates for quick one click creation of projects introduced.
April 23

Native integrations (April 2017)

Google docs and video conferencing platforms Zoom and Skype were integrated into Zapty.
February 19

Seed Funded (February 2017)

Zapty partners with Ideaspring Capital to drive forward modern project management.
November 7

Ad-hoc workflow patterns (November 2016)

Users got the opportunity to run projects with their existing workflows; Zapty adapted to users’ workflows
October 11

Project Management (October 2016)

Much awaited configurable projects module launched
May 14

Revamped UX, Focus on Customer Acquisition, Launch of Paid Plans (May 2016)

Based on customer feedback and multiple iteration, Zapty’s UI underwent a major facelift. In-line with the vision of great customer support, real-time support was added to the platform and premium tiers were created to signify different feature sets and usage.
March 29

Focus on Customer Success, New co-founder joins (March 2016)

Zapty’s business model being “low touch, self service SaaS”, and realizing the importance of a great customer success team, Teja Shah, was brought in as a Chief Customer Officer, to leverage her experience in customer success. Sanjay moved on to become the Chairman and Advisor to Zapty and Arvind took on the role of CEO.
November 21

Launch of MVP 1 (November 2015)

Zapty was incorporated in San Francisco, CA and an offshore development team was created in Bangalore. A free version of the product was relaunched for personal & team use.
August 31

Early launch (August 2015)

Teaser website was launched. First MVP of Zapty was launched. Received interesting feedback from SMBs, potential investors and other target customers. Made changes based on attending TechCrunch Disrupt @ SF.
June 14

Lean Startup Approach (June 2014)

Arvind and Sanjay start off with a small team to focus on discovering a viable business model while operating in a climate of ‘extreme uncertainty’. While the core idea around collaboration was there, they decided to use a more scientific approach to validate their assumptions and find a product-market fit.
March 18

The Skelta Story (March 2014)

The founders’ previous venture was Skelta, a Business Process Management Company, which was successfully sold to Invensys in 2010. Skelta won a number of awards and grew to more than 250 employees. During that period of growth, is when the founders realized the need of a next gen work management software. The idea of Zapty..Read More