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“Every tool on the market requires that we adapt to their process. What we need is a tool that can adapt our process — an agency’s process.”

– Anil Reddy, Founder of Lollypop

Why Choose Us?

Give your Clients a Voice

Turn customers into raving fans with a live chat tool that enables real-time feedback and collaboration.


Customer History at your Fingertips

Give your client and team access to a full history of your partnership including previous conversations, tasks, and projects, all in the name of a best-in-class customer experience.

Get Internal Emails Close to Zero

Cutting down on email can boost your productivity by 25 percent. Use our real-time chat environment for discussions and cut-out the use of email for internal work communication.


We’re Hosting the Party

We host the service, customize it to your domain, and can launch to your customers the same day. We adhere to the highest industry standards for security.

Boost your Brand

White-label your brand and offer front-end customizations to align with your brand goals.


Make Collaboration a Breeze

Streamline team chat, project flow, and your own to-do lists. Bring the whole team together, collaborate with contractors and freelancers, and manage your own responsibilities all with one tool that can be fully customized to match your agency’s workflow.

Stick with the Tools that Work for You

Integrate with your team’s must-have tools and solutions that allow you to log your team’s time and manage project budgets in real-time.


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Enhance Client and Vendor collaboration with Zapty: Learn how to stay on top of your to do list and maintain super quick feedback loops with your clients and external contractors.

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“Zapty has completely changed how we track our work as well as our customer feedback.”

Alok Bhat

Founder & CEO of Advids

“As a new organization with limited resources and skills; Zapty's really helped us achieve great efficiency and accountability! can't imagine getting work done without this tool!”

Parshva Shah


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