It’s 2016, and we still haven’t fixed our collaboration woes

Did you know?
Only 28% of the employees said that they would like to collaborate online*
65% of the employees agree that in-person meetings can be completely replaced with the right technology

The year 2016 marks the point where the world is witnessing a rapid change in technology. The change has not only given hope to the world to see things differently but has been actively bringing a reform in the social and economic structures as well. Even with the likes of this change, organizations today are struggling more than ever to keep up with their work collaboration. Do they lack the team spirit or the appropriate tools? Let’s delve more to find out.

No matter what the size of the company, it is evident that without a proper communication structure, the system is bound to collapse like a house of cards anytime. So to tackle this, organizations invest the ludicrous amount of money on outdated collaboration tools with the hopes of enhancing productivity. And while they do so, they not only waste valuable time and money but also create conflict within the organization. Now, what more could an organization ask for, right? But the problem is just the tip of the iceberg..

Organizations today are well-equipped with a plethora of collaborating tools like E-mails, chatting, video calling, etc., they still lack work orientation and productivity. To add to it, all these mediums just increase the collaboration chaos teams are facing. This year has been revolutionary, as most organizations have come to terms with the collaboration woes they are facing. While a lot is being said about why chatting/messaging apps cannot replace emails, a gap has also been identified for the inadequacy of emails and being the only collaboration tool that organizations need.

So is there a plausible solution to it?  Well, this is where Zapty comes in the picture. Zapty is a productivity tool that helps to simplify work and manage your team collaboration better. Keeping seamless collaboration as a central theme, Zapty helps you communicate better by including features like chats, video calling, task management, workflows like polls, approvals etc. This ensures that conversations and work is brought together. A fluid conversation is essential to keep track of the project build-ups and leads; hence, Zapty includes contextual conversation where needless conversations are stemmed out and clear communication is maintained. You can read more about Zapty features here.

Overall, Zapty is not just any productivity platform, but an arsenal to deal with collaboration issues and help you manage your work and projects efficiently in this modern age.


(*According to a new survey)