5 common mistakes that hamper teamwork and how to avoid them

We often hear that working in teams improves productivity and creativity, particularly when dealing with challenging tasks. While teamwork certainly has its advantages, it has a flip side too. When people work together, there’s bound to be miscommunication, misunderstanding, difference of opinion and confusion. The best way to tide over these stumbling blocks for creating a strong team is to identify problem areas and find solutions. So, what are these common mistakes that impede team work and how do you avoid them? Let’s find out.

Communication lapses

Every team has communication issues. There’s either too much communication or no communication at all. So how do you solve this problem and make a group of people work like a team? The answer is simple. Invest in a tool that can manage communication effectively. Our app Zapty is designed to do just that. It enables you to do videoconferencing and chat seamlessly, cut down the clutter of internal emails, prioritize the work that is important to you, and much more. So, no more missed mails or information overload.

Too many apps

We are a generation of app lovers. While there’s no denying the fact that apps have made our lives easier, too much of a good thing is also bad. We are flooded with apps and teams too are using too many apps to get the work done. This creates confusion and sometimes important information gets lost or siloed. Zapty creates a common platform for multiple communication channels like emails, video calls, project management tools, etc. to make collaboration effortless and effective. With Zapty, there’s no room for ambiguity or loss of important data.

Lack of visibility

Managing a team and allocating tasks among team mates is no child’s play. It’s quite possible that while some team members are overloaded with work others may be underutilized. Not anymore. With Zapty, you can keep a tab on who’s working on what and also keep track of the progress.

Poor planning

Proper planning is a pre requisite for effective project execution. Planning makes sure you use your resources well and meet deadlines. Poor planning on the other hand results in just the opposite. With Zapty, you can bid adieu to your project management worries. Keep track of your resources, find out what’s in their pipeline, allocate work, and send plan updates and deadlines to ensure that the project is within time and budget.

No camaraderie among teammates

For a team to work like one, bonding among members is critical. This is particularly true in the present day context where people belonging to different cultures and communities work together. Encourage team members to interact informally and keep everyone posted about the latest developments in the project. Zapty can help you in this. It has a default “Everyone” team where all the team members are added by default, and this can go a long way in boosting team camaraderie.

Managing a team is about managing people. The various pitfalls discussed can adversely affect team spirit and efficiency. But the good news is that there are smart tools that can help you address these challenges.

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