7 Keys to Team-working

Guess what? Being a phenomenal leader isn’t enough, it’s the team that transform ideas into reality. Fostering teamwork is top priority for many team leaders as the benefits are crystal clear; increased productivity, better service, flexibility and employee empowerment. How work gets done, how relationships get formed, how culture is defined, and how businesses are built, these are primary questions we need to address, and the answer lies with team-working.
Let’s take a closer look at the seven keys to team-working.

Collaboration is top priority
All the individuals in your team are unique. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. Use them to your advantage. Harness their strengths and downplay their weaknesses. By doing this, you can ensure everyone reaches their goals successfully and are able to reach their full potential.

Development through training
Chances of stagnation are very high in most companies. Constant training & development can help your team increase productivity. Through your enthusiasm towards the project, you can also motivate your team members.

Accountability accounts for productivity
Make sure your team members are accountable for the tasks at hand. Once you have created goals for the project, ensure each of your team members are clearly communicated about their jobs & duties.

Follow up on the follow-through
Make sure all your team members are aware of the fact; every action taken affects the entire team. Be it returning client calls, reporting, talking to customers or attending a meeting, everything matters. Invoke the idea of ‘Responsibility’ and the job will be done in no time.

Conflicts are inevitable
You’ve heard it right! Sometimes the pressure is high, there are jobs on priority and conflicts are bound to happen on high stress jobs. Keep the moral of your teammates in check. The negative vibe is counterproductive for the entire team and not just the two involved. Manage conflicts privately and let it not escalate.

Make a cohesive connection
When teams work together and are connected to the organization, the members tend to discuss team performances, priorities, customer feedback, and overall quality. This in-turn translates in to an attitude which best serves the company through joint objectives.

Push in the right direction
Every team has a purpose and a mission; it’s up to the team leader to provide his team with the right direction. This acts as a ‘clarity function’ for the team and they are able to contribute more effectively.

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