Faster, Easier & Seamless Approvals. No More A Myth!

Waiting for client approvals? Is your manager taking his own sweet time? Even colleagues haven’t responded? Sounds like a common practice across industry. Waiting for those approvals is clearly tedious and this needs to be addressed. Faster response time can help businesses streamline their operations which are critical to project productivity. In other words, timely approvals are directly related to productivity. So what’s the solution? How do we avoid project delays and tackle this common problem? Are timely approvals even possible? Let’s get to the root of it, let’s break the myth! Zapty is an app based platform which helps business handle these necessary evils of getting timely approvals in a simple and a smart fashion. Let’s find out how:

No more wasting precious time.

Time is money, they don’t say that for no reason. Most often, a lot of time is wasted while waiting for approvals. Approvals within Zapty are cleverly designed to help professionals keep a track of designated delivery dates as well as approval deadlines. This in retrospect helps businesses plan tasks more efficiently with a lot more transparency.

Workflow options_01
(Workflow options in Zapty)


Approval request_01
(Approval request)


Employees are stressed about their vacation.

Haven’t got your leave approved yet right? Chances are your manager has already forgotten about it. Well there is an answer for that too. Zapty has reminders if your manager forgets about it and regularly reminds him/her about pending approvals. Go ahead, apply for leave, and get approvals before you even know it.

(Reminder for an approval)


That email thread, lost in translation.

Confused if you have the approval to go-ahead or does it all seem like a blur? With Zapty you get clear cut information about your approvals. Avoid searching for messy & ambiguous email chains to seek clarity. Within Zapty, it’s all clear, transparent and accountable.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.10.58 pm_01
(Task list showing all uncompleted tasks and workflows including approvals)


Group approvals or one-on-ones’, everyone is on the same boat.

Sometimes the entire team suffers because of delayed approvals. In Zapty, you can easily create group approvals as well. Group approvals can be created in 2 ways: either wanting everyone within the group to take action on an approval or wanting even a single person to respond from within the group to complete the approval process. The latter is especially useful for client related approvals. Zapty creates a seamless channel of communication, allowing all team members to work together.

Creating an approval_01
(Creating an approval)


The approval that keeps everyone on the same page.

Zapty’s Approval option is ideal for planning dates & deadlines well in advance. The option to set a plan date on approval request can help the approver to work on it at a specified time while the option to set deadline helps the person seeking approval to track the actionability of his/her request as per a schedule. This helps in keeping everyone (clients, managers & colleagues) aware & on-board with the desired schedule.

(Setting up plan date and deadline for an approval)
(Setting up plan date and deadline for an approval)


Attachments that stays in context!

With Zapty you can attached files specific to approvals. This allows the user to get quick responses by staying in context of the required task.

Approvals within Zapty are ideal for making informed decisions. Especially when projects are presenting with a tight crunch-time. So is getting timely approvals a myth? You already know the answer. Try Zapty for a seamless productivity experience.

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