Get more done

Five tips to optimise your productivity

Being productive. Isn’t it something that we all desire for most part of our day? To be productive often goes beyond getting to work on time and meeting numbers. While the latter is the immediate goal, it is takes a lot more than just grinding it out on your desk or on the road to meet it. Here are five tips that are known to effectively increase your productivity.


1. Sync those calendars

You will be surprised by the effectiveness of this. Be it the calendar on your laptop, your watch, a daily planner, your diary, or your phone, it’s time to put them in one place. The technology we use is a lot more advanced that what it was 10 years ago. All it takes is linking an email address to your phone, and it’s done. This will give you real-time updates on important meetings, events, and reminders, keeping you ahead of the curve.

2. Make notes

Even if it is for the most mundane, regular, or simplest of tasks, make notes. Especially when it comes to putting together an action plan for a project. It may even be for simple delegation of work to your team. While this may seem silly, these mundane tasks often slip our minds, and notes do help. Besides, in the bigger scheme of things, you can always look back to retrace your steps for process flow.

3. Schedule vital activities first

If you tackle your most crucial tasks first, you will find it easier to find time for less important tasks. Do not let yourself get sidetracked by busywork or less-important tasks. Get the important ones out of the way first.

4. Expect distractions and minimise them

It is important that you set aside parts of the day where you are absolutely not distracted. If possible, turn off your mobile devices, instant messenger, and social media feeds. This might seem like a very daunting task, but it goes a long way in adding focussed work time to your day.

5. Take those breaks

You need to switch off now and then. Take short breaks to reset your brain. Fatigue is directly related to your output. Ensure that your workspace has windows through which you can look out once in a while. Take 5 minute strolls, stretch your legs, be sure to hydrate yourself. Try phone conversation with a loved one. It is the said that often, the best ideas come when you are relaxing or are enjoying yourself.


It is essential for one to know that it may not be possible to follow these rules religiously every day. Give yourself some time to get used to them. Over and above that, you could add the functionalities that we have to offer to optimise your productivity.