3 Free Expert Marketing Templates for a Better Workflow

For the regular tasks in your workflow,  I’m sure you’ll agree that the right marketing templates can give a huge boost to your efficiency and effectiveness.

That’s because using a template not only saves you the time of building out your own marketing workflow.

It also helps you discover new, creative ways to approach your business that you might not have otherwise considered.

But, of course, you want to make sure the marketing templates you use actually come from a reputable source.

Someone with a great track record of success that can guide you through their workflow in a series of easy-to-understand steps.

And so, that’s why I’m excited to share these three marketing templates with you:

The Zapty team has created marketing workflow templates for some of the most important tasks at digital agencies, all sourced from top industry experts.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Let’s dive in.

#1. SEO Keyword Research with Adam Sherk of Define Media Group

Fact: according the the Similar Web Search Report, 95 percent of web traffic comes from organic search.

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That explains why keyword research is the second biggest activity for digital agencies.

But with Google updating their search algorithm 500-600 times a year, putting a good SEO keyword research workflow in place can be tough.

And that’s why I was so excited to come across this workflow from Adam Sherk, the VP of SEO and Digital Strategy at Define Media Group.

Adam’s process gives enough direction to make the perfect marketing template for SEO keyword research.

But it’s also broad enough for you to easily adapt to the tools and services your agency uses to gain a competitive advantage and boost your ranking on Google SERPs.

As Sherk writes in his post, a great keyword research workflow will “start fairly broad and then get progressively more focused.”

He suggests starting with a broader category – like barbeque – and then splitting that category into “clusters” of ideas (like grills, tools, sauces, etc.).

Those clusters then lead toward the actual keywords you’ll use in your content.

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You can take advantage of Adam’s 7-step keyword research workflow with this template:

#2. Social Media Marketing Template with Kimberly Ann Jimenez

Look, with 78 percent of the U.S. population on social media, I’m sure you know that your agency needs a strategy for pushing out quality content and connecting with your audience.

But while 90 percent of marketers say social media is important to their business, developing a social strategy remains one of the top three challenges marketers face.

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And that’s why a marketing template for managing your social media workflow can be such a huge value add for any digital agency.

A great template – like this one from Kimberly Ann Jimenez, a digital marketing strategist and creator of The Business Lounge – can be a total game-changer when it comes to getting your social media strategy off the ground.

Kimberly Ann’s template for a successful and consistent social media strategy centers around specific goal-setting. As she puts it in her post:

“The first step to publishing any type of content online starts with figuring out exactly what the purpose for that specific content piece really is and if you are not clear on what you want to accomplish with your content it’s going to be really challenging to measure your success.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Especially because your goals (or your client’s) for social media marketing could be anything from driving more brand awareness, to strengthening customer support.

Just take a look at this report from Buffer:

(image source)

With such a huge audience on social media (remember, 78 percent of people in the U.S.) and so many different incentives for maintaining an active, consistent strategy, setting goals should always be the first step in your social plan.

Then, as Kimberly Ann advocates, you reverse-engineer your way toward those goals.

For a full look on how to do just that, check out Kimberly Ann’s post and install this template in Zapty that walks you through the entire 6-step workflow process:

#3. Trade Show Planning with Jason Cohen of WPEngine

I’ll admit, attending trade shows might seem a bit, well, out-of-date in today’s mostly-digital marketing world.

But the truth is, face-to-face interactions with potential customers remain one of the most important B2B marketing activities.

According to a report from Outsell, in-person events accounted for $26.1 billion in spend for 2016 – a 6.3% rise over the previous year.

That’s because over 80 percent of trade show attendees have buying power, making exhibitions one of the best ways to get real face-time with your target audience to:

  • Introduce new products
  • Get critical feedback
  • Learn about new industry trends
  • Survey the competition

And of course, let’s not forget the most important one: close more deals.

But, I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this:

Planning and executing a successful trade show booth requires smart strategy and even better organization.

Which is why Jason Cohen’s amazing template for organizing a great trade show should be an essential piece of your marketing workflow.

Jason is the Founder and CTO of WPEngine, a managed WordPress hosting provider, and this post from his personal blog walks you through almost 40 different steps for making the most of your trade show booth, starting 6 months before the event all the way through to the week after.

You can check out the entire marketing template here, and use a consolidated version of Jason’s workflow on Zapty that focuses on his approach to pre-event planning.

Next Steps

There’s no question that a great workflow can save you a ton of time and even teach you a thing or two you didn’t know about some of the more common marketing activities for digital agencies.

And with these marketing templates from three of the best industry experts, you’re set to test drive workflows guaranteed to help you be more efficient and effective in your work.

Getting started with these free templates is easy to do – click the template of your choice above to create a free Zapty account with the template pre-installed.