Go on, pitch that idea!

The incredible thing about great ideas is that they can come from anyone, and that’s how it should be at the modern workplace. Now an idea can be great, irrespective of its scale and immediate impact. We could be talking about a new filing system, a creative campaign, or even the placement of the water cooler in the office. What’s important is for the idea to be pitched. That said, it is essential for the idea, any idea to be presented effectively. Here are certain things that you need to do for you to pitch the idea to your team effectively.

Don’t be afraid

The modern work environment is very conducive to suggestions and changes. Don’t be afraid to display your wares and that too confidently.

Know and understand your idea better than anyone

For you to effectively pitch your idea to your team, you need to know everything about it. Play out the functioning of your idea in your head, know the possible pitfalls, timeframes, effort, and effect of the idea on your team and your team’s environment.

Make sure that your idea is as realistic as possible

While it is great for an idea to be radical and disruptive, know that it needs to be executable. An idea will forever remain an idea if it is one that cannot be possibly executed. Understand the possible cost implications, relevance to your team, and then tailor it accordingly.

Write it down

Give your idea a structure. It always helps to document the idea, and to continue documenting it till it takes its final form. This way, you can see it in a physical form and also trace back to the original thought and its transformation to the final form. Organize your thoughts and fragment your idea into its stages. This will help you pitch it to your team in parts and phases.

Know the fizzes and bangs

It is very important for you to know the clincher of your idea. The chorus, the coup de grace; the winning shot. Know the core of your idea and build your pitch around it.

Do your research

There is a possibility that someone else may have thought of your idea before you did. Look it up. Find out if your idea has already been taken. If it has been, move to the next idea.

Be prepared for rebuttals and changes

Your team and your boss may not be in favor of your idea. Be prepared for a lot of questions, even outright dismissal. It is important for you to be clear, assertive and open to changes and criticism. Someone might add to your idea and then have it turn into a collaborative effort. It is important that you embrace this and move forward. Collaborations are a big part of a workplace. You must understand that the idea is ultimately for the betterment of something – a process, a client, a person, a company. Include as many people as you can in the forum and ask for feedback and suggestions.

As long as you remember these, you’re good to go. Concentrate on your idea and constantly work towards making it better. Don’t hesitate to start over. Most part of the joy of an idea lies in building it before you pitch it. At Zapty, we understand the importance of ideas, and more so of pitching an idea the right way. We give communication prime importance, and that is precisely why our platform has been designed such that it propagates clear, quick, precise communication. We provide you and your team the best tools to communicate, interact, and collaborate better. Our ‘Zapty Polls’ feature is the perfect example of this. With Zapty, your team will be in constant collaborative mode, in constant touch with each other’s opinions, thoughts, and more; coming together to be more productive than ever, individually and collectively. To know more about us, visit http://www.zapty.com/