How to: Annotate images and drag & drop documents

In this series of “How to” help articles, we’ll tell you how to annotate on images and how to drag & drop documents into any conversation.

Annotating images is as easy as pie

Did your designer just mail you all those new designs? And you are supposed to provide feedback. It can be a pain! Did you email some screenshots to your tech team for resolution and forgot about them?

Worry not, within Zapty annotating on images as easy as pie. Not just comments, you can also create tasks, approvals and polls on any images so that you can keep track of work always. Watch this short animation below to see how to annotate on images.



Play with documents

Almost 80% of our day, we work with files and documents. We tend to leave our current tools and skip to these document management platforms or folders. This causes information silos and a break in our productivity.

With Zapty, you can collaborate on documents and files quickly. No need to switch tools or platforms to work on documents and files. Just drag and drop ‘em into the conversation where you wish to upload them to collaborate effectively. These uploaded documents can be easily downloaded by anyone who is a part of that conversation. Watch this short animation below to see how to drag and drop documents into any conversation within Zapty.

Drag drop docs 15s

Hope this blog has been helpful.

Happy Zapty-ing!