How to: Create and plan your tasks, create tasks for others

In this series of “How to” help article, we’ll tell you how to create tasks for yourself, plan them and how to create tasks for others.

Stay organized by creating tasks quickly

Well, what’s working without some adhoc work discussed in some random meetings or scribbled on your notepad! Work comes in all shapes and sizes and from any directions. Who doesn’t hate unorganized random work, after all?

Worry not, quickly scribble your tasks in the My Tasks area.



Smart work is better than hard work

Let us now show you how easy it is to plan your tasks. Planning not only helps you focus better and keeps you organized, it turns you from a hard worker to a “smart” worker. You can stay on top of your tasks by prioritizing them and being aware of your pipeline of work.

Plan work for afternoon, evening, today, tomorrow, next week or even a specific date and time. Alternately, if you are already on a task, simply mark it as “On it”.



Delegation is so easy

We know how work can get overwhelming sometimes. Too much on your plate, eh? Don’t worry. We suggest either plan your tasks in terms of priority or even delegate few to others if you can.

Create tasks for someone else or create a group task for a bunch of people in teams, discussions & 1-on-1 chats.


Stay productive.