How to: Create approvals

Approvals are so important in any workplace. But keeping track of them through emails is plain messy. In this series of “How to” help articles, we’ll tell you how to create approvals quickly.

Approvals in a jiffy

Creating approval requests on Zapty are quick and easy. Whether it’s a leave approval or expense approval, create approval requests within a 1-on-1 chat or within teams or discussions. You can create approvals for 1 person or for a group.

Watch the animated image below to see how to create group approvals.


Group approvals can be created in 2 ways-

  • Every person needs to respond to the approval to complete this task – Example when you send out a mail with marketing spends and budget to the senior management team, ideally you’d want each of them to approve before you proceed ahead
  • Even if 1 person responds, the task is completed – Example when you seek leave approval and send out a mail marking your manager and team lead, even if one of them approves the leave is considered approved

Hope this blog has been helpful.

Happy Zapty-ing!