How to: Create different types of polls

In this series of “How to” help articles, we’ll tell you how to create the following types of polls in Zapty-

  1. Number poll
  2. Text poll
  3. Choice poll
  4. Hidden poll

Hassle free number polls

Getting a daily sales report via email can be quite exhausting. Not just sales report, any report where you need a collation of numbers is quick and easy within Zapty.

Watch this animation below to see how to create number polls.



Text poll – Get specific responses from the team

Get your entire team’s to-the-point opinion on something using the text poll within Zapty. When the team gets the poll, they see an empty text box to add their inputs. No more collating feedback through messy email chains.

Watch the animated image below to see how to create text polls.



Choice poll -Deciding on a team lunch always an issue?

Whether it’s short listing a location or a day for a team lunch, there is always so much confusion. So prefer one restaurant over the other and deciding on majority through emails or chats is just plain chaos. Now no more! Quickly set up an option poll on Zapty and when the results come, majority wins!

You can also use this choice poll to decide on time for meetings, deciding on which design look the best, etc.

Watch the animated image below to see how to create choice polls.



Keeping responses as hidden for polls

Use this quick trick shown below to keep other’s responses as hidden when you need that level of confidentiality. You can either keep them hidden till everyone responds and then open out the results or keep confidential throughout.

Watch this animation below to see how to hide results in a poll.


Hope this blog has been helpful.

Happy Zapty-ing!