How to: Re-assign tasks & create group tasks

Task management is an essential part of teamwork. In this series of “How to” help articles, we’ll tell you how to re-assign tasks and how to create group tasks.

Re-assigning tasks

You can re-assign pre existing tasks if you have done your part and the next person has to continue. Just open the task detail for that particular task and change the task owner in the top bar.

Watch this quick animation image below to see how to reassign tasks.



Now group tasks are more fun!

Group tasks are an important part of a team. On Zapty, there are 2 patterns for it-

  • Every person needs to complete the task – Example when you send out a task asking everyone to fill their appraisal forms. This task has to be completed by all. On Zapty, you can select “All recipients to perform task” option while creating such a task.
  • Even if 1 person picks the task, the task can be completed (pick pattern) – Example when you send out an urgent client request that has just come in. Even if a single person within the team can get to it, the task will be completed. Select “Only one recipient to perform task” option to create such a task.


Watch this animation below to see how to create group tasks.


Hope this blog has been helpful.

Happy Zapty-ing!