How to: See all inbox views and filter content

In this series of “How to” help articles, we’ll tell you how to see different inbox views and how to filter your feed content to find what you need.

Inbox is the place to be!

Inbox is a go-to place and your personal activity stream, summarizing all new activities (including all messages from 1-on-1 conversations, teams, ad-hoc discussions and tasks) that you are involved in.It’s like a magic box where you can view all that’s happened lately. You can read, respond, open specific tasks or conversations; all from here! And finally you can “Mark all as read” when you are done. Click on “Inbox” on the left bar to go to the inbox. Let us show you some more tricks around it.

There are many ways in which you can view Inbox to focus on the information that you want. Watch this animation below to know more.



Sorting information is the need of the hour

We know how things can get so cluttered and confusing with all that’s happening on Zapty. There is information everywhere, on chats, teams, discussions and tasks. Searching for information can get tedious. But you still want to stay on top and quickly narrow down to what you are looking for.

Use the Filter icon on the top right to find anything very quickly. Ah yes, we do know what a boon Filter is, you can thank us later!

Explore all the preset options we have created for you to make filtering and sorting easier for you. The options change in the context of where you are (inbox, tasks, teams, people & discussion). Remember Inbox holds all consolidated information that has gone through Zapty. Applying filter in the Inbox can help you search for anything in few swell seconds.



Hope this blog has been helpful.

Happy Zapty-ing!