Jazz up Zapty with these cool tips

Work smart, not hard!

We all have heard this one over and over. For Zapty, this is true. You can work smarter by knowing some easy tips and tricks and do away with all the hard work.

Read on to know more.

Quick search

Do a Ctrl+Shift+S in Mac or Windows to open the search quickly and key in your query to start searching. Like search, we also have the option to filter content. You can read more about it here.


Quickly create work patterns in conversations

Did you know that you can use “/” to open work patterns in any conversation? Type “/” followed by the first letter of that work pattern. Example to create a task, type “/t” and voila task box opens up below.

Work patterns

So much “more” for tasks

Do so much “more” in tasks by clicking on the “more” button while creating them. See the options below and read more here.

Task creation

Task creation options

Editing conversations and starting a thread

All your conversations in Zapty are editable. No more worrying about typos! You can even edit other’s conversations and can explore permissions in the team settings for team conversations. For any one-on-one or discussions, editing other’s conversations don’t require any other permissions. Not just that, you can even start threads on any conversations or files. When you hover on any conversation, you will see an arrow at the end of it. Click on it to explore more.


Starting a thread

Define access levels for teams too

If you are the admin or your organisation account on Zapty and subscribed on the paid plans, you can define access levels through the org settings. And now, you can also define access levels for teams even if you aren’t the org admin. You just need to be the admin or creator of any team and have subscription of any of the paid plans. Simply navigate to Teams and see the images below.

Creative Teams - Zapty
Creative Teams – Zapty

Team settings

Team access


Hope these tips prove to be helpful for you and your team. Is there some other interesting way that you are using Zapty? Do write to us and we could feature your story on our blog or website.