Keep your to-do list organized and on track with Zapty

At a time when innovation is fast becoming synonymous to competitiveness, the professional arena has too evolved from traditional telephonic and email conversation to integrated communication. The work sphere is not anymore restricted to the four walls of the office space. The new-age work environment is an amalgamation of people working outside office and across international boundaries. Impressive as it sounds, it actually is so simple to coordinate and track daily happenings across such an elaborate system of work?

This is where Zapty’s intervention proves to be a bliss! Zapty is the brainchild of Arvind Agarwal and Sanjay Shah who realised the growing need of a comprehensive collaboration tool to integrate office communication across different tools and global zones. While designing Zapty, the need for seamless information flow was the central idea.

With ‘Seamless teamwork anywhere’ as the credo, Zapty integrates the potential of various functionalities into one to give an all-inclusive app for all work needs. Zapty is a productivity app for effective work collaboration across all sectors. It is equipped with features like task lists, teams, video calling, chatting, document collaboration, threaded conversations, file annotations, workflows like approvals, and polls. All these features and more give Zapty the merit of being an all-in-one office management tool.

For modern teams, each day is a new struggle with deadlines, meetings, projects, and clients. The list goes on. Sorting and prioritising tasks indeed eats away a lot of productive time. Zapty provides a consolidated and prioritised list of things to do, thereby allowing you to use office time in a more productive manner. You can see all your tasks at one single place and quickly prioritize them by effective planning. All with the stroke of a click on desktop or touch if you are using the mobile app. The super app helps in next generation project management that increases flexibility, and also allows maintaining transparency and accountability within the team. You can easily set plan dates, deadlines, and recurring tasks for your teams so that you know who is working on what. Not just that, as soon as you have completed a task at hand, you can quickly mark it as completed. These features definitely organise and provides a structure to your work each day, helping you prioritize on those activities that matter the most at a given time.

This app is useful for many sectors like start-ups, information technology firms, creative and digital marketing agencies, law firms, educational institutions, trade associations and non-profits. The effectiveness and convenience of this app gets spread over to building good client relationship too, for if your to-do list is maintained in a prioritised and structured way, it will reflect in your on-time deliveries, each time. Not just that, you can also collaborate easily with external collaborators (clients, third parties, etc.) by adding them as guests to your account on the platform. Build team reliability and sustainable client relationship with Zapty! What are you waiting for, sign up now!