Law firms productivity alert : 87% of your clients will replace your firm

According to a survey, 70% of clients feel that they would not recommend their law firm to others.

And 87% will replace their current firm if given good reason; most cited poor communication as a key determinant.

Most law firms still use unencrypted (unsecure) emails as the most common way to share files and critical information still with their clients.

Do these sound like horror stories to you?

Well, this is real data and this is worrisome. Most law firms including yours maybe losing out on crucial clients because of client communication issues. And ouch, these are expensive mistakes! According to a leading global brand and marketing consultant, replacing a lost client can cost law firms upto 10 times more than if they had retained them.

Don’t let these stats get to you. Learn how you can stop this by using Zapty within your firm:

Suffering from poor client communication?

Most clients feel that law firms don’t do enough to communicate openly and frequently with them. Most of the communication with clients happens face to face and through emails, sometimes messages too. And this happens at a very infrequent rate. This leaves them irritated and uninformed. They wait to receive any update from your end and while you are preparing for their case, you forget to keep them in the loop. When finally you send them a mail that they miss seeing, you end up calling or messaging them to check their mails. This causes a lot of chaos and is harmful for your productivity.

Worry not, all this is totally manageable in Zapty. Get all your clients on Zapty and start chatting with them. Keep them updated regularly so that no anxiety builds up. Upload all files within Zapty so that it’s all there. No more switching from mails to chats to any other messaging platforms to keep them informed. You can also set up quick client calls through Skype, Hangouts, Zoom and FaceTime within Zapty itself.



Is security a concern?

  • 77% of law firms rely solely on just confidentiality statements within emails for protection.
  • And only less than one-thirds of the law firms encrypt the emails before sending.
  • More than half the firms use free file sharing services.
  • 1 in 4 law firms have been victims of data breach.

Working with unsecured data can cost you! And most clients who learn of data breaches leave those firms. It is the need of the hour that law firms start paying more attention to security breaches. Zapty pays a lot of attention to your information security. We understand how critical it is for businesses to maintain security of all it’s data. Read more about our bank-level secure connections.


Always running short of time?

Every minute of your time counts! If you charge $300/hr, 15 minutes lost can cost you $75. Being productive means that you make the most out of your time. Searching for information lost over emails, files, hard copies, etc. can be tedious. In Zapty, you can search anything quickly. With a powerful advanced search and detailed filters, locating a conversation, task, file or document can be done in a jiffy!


Not just that, imagine you need a quick response from your client on something. Well, shoot away a task with the plan date and deadline that you need. With in-built reminders, Zapty will make sure they get back in time.



Is collaboration through contracts and documents a hassle?

It’s a crazy experience working with several platforms, within your team and even with clients. On Zapty, you can communicate, have video calls, share files and documents, annotate on them and even create threads anywhere you want to discuss a topic in detail.


Imagine when you send some documents to your clients and what if they have questions? How do you get that resolved. Legal documents are lengthy and need to be verified thoroughly before anyone signs. With Zapty, you can annotate on any of them and resolve all queries easily.



Approve that time critical document while walking your dog

Zapty has awesome iOS & Android apps so that you can work, collaborate and communicate on the go, giving you productivity a super boost. Install them too get the most out of Zapty.

Each minute of your precious time costs, so what are you waiting for, sign up now!


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