Live now – Projects! And Paid plans

This month has been very important to us. We just launched 2 crucial aspects of Zapty – projects and paid plans. This marks a huge milestone for us. It was not long ago, that we first launched Zapty, and it was just a basic task management system in Beta.

Today, we are glad to say that we have added so much more to Zapty and launched a fully paid plan! Team collaboration will never be the same with Zapty 2.0. To take it one step further, coming soon are workflows a.k.a. Zaplets. Stay tuned to our blog to know more.


What this means for you?

Fret not, Zapty is and always will be free for as long as you like. Our free plans are still there and you can continue using them as long as you want.

For personal usage and collaboration with friends and family, the Personal plan will always remain free. While businesses can use our Team plan with some basic features free for up to 15 users.

In case your business demands more support and additional requirements, we have brought together some awesome features that you can enjoy with our premium plans.

To make it easier for people to move to premium plans, we have created:

  1. An entry level Standard plan– This is great for teams just needing modern collaborations capabilities.
  2. Business plan for businesses needing serious project management and workflow capabilities.
  3. For best in class support for mission critical deployments and enhanced security there is an Enterprise plan.
  4. There is also a very special introductory plan we have on offer, check bottom of this blog for more details. This is a limited time opportunity and really sweet deal, so grab it while you can.



Launching projects

We are super excited about launching projects! This will add a whole new dimension to traditional work and project management systems. Imagine a process driven modern collaboration platform. Modern teamwork has never been so easy, seamless and structured! For projects, our preview version is out live now and more detailed aspects are to follow soon.

Even with projects preview, your data will be safe in Zapty and will be automatically upgraded as and when we launch new features and extend capabilities.The first preview is limiting in terms of functionality but gives a good feel for what is coming. Our entire idea of launching project at early stage is to have early customer validation, and also get feedback to drive the projects and workflow roadmap further. So please keep your feedback flowing to us at

To know more about projects and latest improvements, read our release notes here.



Limited time offer … specially for you early birds

As a special launch offer, we bring to you the Business Limited Time plan. With this plan, you can get unlimited projects and unlimited users (equivalent to Business plan in terms of features) for just $29/month. There is no per user pricing for this plan and you get to enjoy premium features (yes this for unlimited users, so you can just pay $29 per month and have as many users as you like).

This offer is applicable for signups till end of May 2016, and valid till 1 year right from the time you sign up. Once the 1 year duration is over, you’ll be migrated to the Business plan. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime. To make the most out of it, hurry and signup now.