Why we love these 6 productivity podcasts that will change the way we work

It is an era of technological revolution bringing the entire world at your palmtop. This revolution has also resulted in information overload. It is overwhelming to see how we always come across yet another must-read article, must-attend webinar, must-see video and the list goes on. But, do we really have so much time to pay heed to all that’s going viral? Maybe, not. This is the juncture at which podcasts come as a breather. Podcasts are a smart way to optimize time while on the go. Podcasts are a good way to get some quick learning during the little minutes we have while commuting to the office, sitting in the canteen, while cooking, doing household chores and the like. The best part is it allows to continue your primary activity while providing you a useful leisure listening. Podcasts cover a variety of topics and help us become more knowledgeable, productive, effective and also lead a happy life.  Here is a collation of six productivity podcasts that can potentially change the way you work.

1. Extreme Productivity

Extreme Productivity is a podcast hosted by New York Times bestselling author, Kevin Kruse. Extreme Productivity touches upon multiple scenarios that take place in an office setting, right from meeting problems to dealing with the unexpected at work. Some of the episodes in this podcast are: This Company Only Holds Meetings On Mondays, 4 Ways To Improve The Open Door Policy, Dealing With The Unexpected At Work, 3 Questions To Save 8 Hours A Week, and A Slacker’s Secret To Productivity. These podcasts will certainly help increase your daily productivity without having to overwork or feeling overwhelmed. Kevin Kruse is a highly accomplished individual. He has been an advisor to Congress members, Marine Corps Generals, and Fortune 500 CEOs, along with being a Forbes contributor. He has founded several multi-million dollar companies and is a keynote speaker too.

2. Defeat the Drama

Defeat the Drama is a team productivity podcast and is helpful for those in leadership roles. Hosted by Kirsten E. Ross, this podcast discusses how managers and supervisors can stay motivated and productive and thereby influence their team members too. Simple Process Improvement, Six Simple Steps of Great Delegation, 3 Common Barriers to Team Productivity & Great Service, Learn a Super Simple Team Problem Solving Strategy, The Secret to Increasing Your Capacity are some episodes of this podcast that focusses on process improvement, problem-solving, and ways to increase team productivity.

3. The 5 AM Miracle 

Hosted by Jeff Sanders, the 5 AM Miracle focusses on the importance of starting your day early, the effect of small daily rituals that result in remaining active and productive through the day. The Best Daily Rituals for High Energy and Rockin’ Productivity is an episode that discusses some morning rituals that positively impact everyday productivity. Jeff Sanders, a marathon runner, and an entrepreneur cites his personal approaches that led him to the path of success alongside featuring noted celebrities such as Ted Ryce, Stephanie Gibson, and Deepak Chopra. Talking about habits and morning rituals to dominate your day before breakfast, this podcast also lists actions steps in each episode. The 5 AM Miracle is often ranked number one in the category of self-help and business.

4. Home Work 

This podcast is extremely helpful for independent consultants and freelancers as it focusses on how to remain productive amidst various distractions while working from home. It is a weekly podcast hosted by Dave Caolo and Aaron Mahnke touching upon factors like productivity distractors faced at home that is generally absent in an office setting. The show airs interview with special guests, the latest productivity tools that they have tested, along with addressing questions of listeners. When Working From Home Goes Bad, Scheduling Meetings with Clients and Teams, Hidden Costs are episodes that will be beneficial in improving the productivity graph of professionals.

5. Beyond the To-Do List

This podcast by Erik Fisher talks about how actual productivity is much beyond your to-do list. It explains how getting the right things done leads to overall productivity and also provides for a good life. Erik interviews people from varied professional backgrounds who talk about real-life struggles, obstacles, and their way out of failures that led them to their current successes. On the whole, Beyond the To-Do List are lessons from people who not only share their success mantra but also their lessons from failure. Erik Fisher further explores aspects like creativity, remote management, and zero inboxes that are highly relevant in the current work scenario. This podcast shares practical tips to get more productive and how to prioritize tasks for maximum productivity. Know more about various productivity strategies in the episodes covered in Beyond the To-Do List.

6. Getting Things Done 

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a podcast hosted by David Allen, author of international best-seller Getting Things Done that got published in more than 28 languages. As much this podcast discusses organizational productivity, it also focusses on personal productivity giving an insight to work-life balance. The episodes of GTD includes interviews of people from all walks of life, technology interventions and real-life stories to provide insights for stress-free productivity. Improving an Organization with GTD, Introducing GTD to a Friend, and GTD and Technology are mentions of few episodes covered in this productivity podcast. You can make the most of this podcast through many platforms like Google Play Music, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or Libsyn.
All in all, podcasts give us an insightful understanding of professional and personal well-being. Incorporating podcasts as a medium to garner information by itself makes our day productive. Hence, go ahead make the most of all the offered lessons and tips to better your productivity at work and enhance your life in general.

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