What proofing systems do you use to get actionable, accountable feedback on your assets?

Marketing managers have it tough, managing multiple teams with graphic designers, marketers, social media associates, SEO team, etc. They also run campaigns all the time, do product launches and create specific campaign material (landing pages, blogs, brochures etc.) that need intense collaboration between marketing, product and sales teams. Managing everything through emails causes a truckload of chaos! Most times, they also have to deal with external clients adding to the chaos! This leads to bulky chain emails to even get a small edit done.

Working on images poses additional problems since edits on them and proofing designs are best discussed in person or else they lead another set of cluttering emails even for the minutest discussions. Pinpointing on the exact area within an image may also become difficult to convey in words. Conversations on which background color looks nice or what creative copy needs to go with the image, can become lengthy and tiring when done over emails, and unaccountable when over chatting tools. And if your role is that of an approver, any mail you miss may cause work to get stuck. Proofing is another story that translates to tedious workflows.

Worry not, we bring to you some totally cool features that will ease your work and make you a super-manager!


Collaborate right where work is

For marketing teams, a lot happens over designs and images. With image annotations, you can achieve a lot more from within Zapty and collaborate right where work is.

The images below show how easy it is to work on any of the image files shared in Zapty-


Click to annotate

Sometimes there may not be just a point that needs to be annotated on an image, hence we have provided an option of annotating an area as well. Just select the area that you wish to annotate and then mention your comments.

Options for annotation

Not just that, as you see in the image above, you can even create the following on any images:

  • Tasks – This is very useful if you are sending some edits back to the designers. Simply create tasks with your feedback and presto, your designer will see the edits in their task lists!
  • Polls – Useful when you need the opinion of your team on the image or a part of the image. Select the area (could be text, taglines, background color, etc.) where you need the opinion and create a quick poll with any other options that you may have and shoot it off to your team. You can create all 3 types of polls (choice polls, text polls and number polls) on any image. You also have the option to keep responses hidden as per your preference.
  • Approvals – This could be quite handy for the design team who may need to create approval requests for you (manager) to finalize the latest changes.

Watch this simple gif animation below to see how to do the following-

– View annotations on an image
– Create a poll on an image


Image annotation


Create threads around images

To top all the above features in helping you collaborate better, you can also create threads on any image shared in Zapty. This comes in handy when you just want to discuss general feedback on an image.

Start a thread

Reply in a thread



Not just conversations, you can also create tasks, polls, approvals and even have a video call within the thread to take your seamless collaboration experience one step further. Get your team together in a single thread and start brainstorming without any hassles!


Viewing all contextual activities

With so much happening just inside images, it’s important to get a clear picture of who has commented what and view everything contextually. You can do this by clicking on the conversation icon on the shared image.

Conversation icon on image

Once you click on the conversation icon on the image, all the conversations that have happened on the image show up in a newly opened third pane.

Conversation opens on image

Further, to see the exact area of annotations, you can click on “Show Annotations”.

See annotation

This really proves to be very useful when there are many conversation threads and activities on an image.

We really hope that some of the tricks mentioned in this blog are useful for you and your team. And we’d also love to know how you use image annotations within your team and what proofing systems you use. Do drop us a line at feedback@zapty.com or simply leave your comments on this blog post.