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Marketing Process 101: From ideation to execution in 5 steps

Most marketing teams are overworked and have work spread out all across emails. Whether they work for internal clients or external clients, marketing teams are normally pressed for time due to short deadlines and changing briefs. Coupled with the fact that there are multiple roles within the teams, communication becomes difficult and spread across different mediums. Emails are the most favourite medium followed by ad-hoc messaging services like WhatsApp, Skype, etc. But your emails aren’t your job. Getting stuck an entire day just checking and replying to emails is wasteful. Also, working with creative teams poses additional problems since emails aren’t the most ideal tool for ideation.

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.

– Margaret Heffernan

Consider any marketing team, the following roles are omnipresent-

  • SEO Specialist
  • Content Manager
  • Social Media Expert
  • Web Developer/Graphic Designer
  • Front-End Coder
  • Creative Director

Keeping the above roles in mind, marketing processes and projects become extremely complex due to all these sub-teams/roles working together to get a project to completion. All these roles have different driving forces, styles of working, intrinsic factors, mediums of communicating, etc. that makes marketing processes difficult to understand. This results in missed deadlines, delays, stressed work environment, long working hours, lower quality output/creativity, etc.

With the advent of many tools, we can simplify how you can manage marketing processes and projects easily. Zapty offers a unique project management solution along with collaboration capabilities so that marketing teams can get out of emails into actionable tasks.

All marketing processes are composed of the following stages through which tasks pass-


Step 1: Ideation

Brainstorming is when the team comes together to creatively think of how a marketing task is to be accomplished. Essentially it is the most important activity of the whole process and starts as soon as project brief is provided. Traditionally, this was achieved by getting together all the team members in a conference room and spending time in coming up with innovative and creative ideas. With the advent of remote, geographically distributed teams who may be also working in different timezones, this has become difficult to achieve. Many teams still archaic in structure, use emails to brainstorm with a dispersed team resulting in many chain mails and missing out on great ideas in the pile of information.

In Zapty however, this is easy. You can get your entire team on a quick call for any project.

Call options

Not just that, brainstorming within tasks is easier even with multiple people since co-editing of notes is possible.

Coediting1 Coediting2


Step 2: Approval for the best idea

Brainstorming sessions are great in terms of generating a many useful ideas. But all might not be taken to execution. Traditionally, you expect to get blasted with a many chain mails discussing which idea to finally take ahead. However in Zapty, select the best idea from the brainstorming session by creating single or multiple choice polls for the team or your manager.

Choice poll2

You can also create text polls for inputs required from the team to simplify the process.

Text poll


Step 3: Execution

This is the stage where most teams use a separate project management software or emails to allocate work. With emails, FOMO factor is the most since flooded inboxes may lead to unread emails. Zapty give you the power to manage everything from a single tool right from brainstorming to execution. You can create projects and tasks for each member in the team and add plan dates, deadlines etc. to keep work organized and planned. Accountability within Zapty ensures work is completed on time.

Marketing project

Visualising and planning the entire deliverable through project calendar helps in ensuring that the project is on track.

Calendar view


Step 4: Changing briefs and re-working (inevitable!)

In most marketing teams, changing briefs and feedback on deliverables ensue a lot of rework in many projects. Google drive integration in Zapty ensures that a team can collaborate easily on Google docs, slides etc. and versioning can be maintained. Team members can go ahead and update changes by commenting and the team can access this file through Zapty.

Google drive

In traditional teams, all the above could have happened over several inundating emails. However in Zapty, all this follows as part of a flow, all through the same tool, and collaboration is real-time.


Step 5: Review and approvals

The next crucial stage of the whole process is the reviewing the work and providing/seeking approvals before the deliverable can be submitted. Again, the Google drive integration hugely reduces effort by providing seamless collaboration. Marketing deliverables in the form of Pdf files can also be easily reviewed in Zapty since you can annotate Pdfs.

Pdf annotation

You can also annotate images and even create tasks, polls or approvals on the image.

Image annotation

Similarly, create approval requests in Zapty to get work approved.


Zapty will soon offer Buffer and Hootsuite integration as well which will help in pulling things straight from these two platforms for review and planning. No more juggling between tools!

Tips for a smooth and hassle-free process:

Zapty helps getting all team members on the same page. Since marketing teams are complex involving different roles, creating a project each time a deliverable comes in and assigning stages or tasks to individuals can help minimize noise.

We have also provided some quick tips to ensure that your work progresses smoothly using Zapty:

  • Keep all stakeholders in the loop in the same project so that there is lesser time required to co-ordinate
  • Plan tasks and set deadlines all the way – This will trigger task reminders to show up when any of these timelines are breached
  • Keep realistic timelines for each task
  • Track project progress in the project calendars
  • Create tasks for any actionable item

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