Mastering the art of creative collaboration – the Zapty way

When you find a mention on Jeff Bullas’ blog, you feel overjoyed, but when you top the list of tools mentioned by the digital marketing platform that can help manage and outsource content creation, you feel you have arrived! This is exactly what we are feeling right now! Zapty recently got featured on Jeff Bullas’ blog in the article, ‘13 Tools to Outsource Your Content Creation in 2016’  and this is some of what the article had to say about us:

“Zapty makes it easy to manage and collaborate on projects – exactly what you need to do to set tasks and discuss projects…”

The article specifically talks about how Zapty can help digital marketing agencies effectively manage freelancers. We have been helping our digital marketing clients plan and collaborate better, and the sheer increase in their numbers is the testimony to this fact.

A digital marketing agency has to deal with a load of information. They also have to collaborate ceaselessly with writers, designers, clients, and external vendors. The result? Email overload, unproductive meetings, changing priorities, ineffective management, siloed collaboration, and of course missed deadlines. Though these problems are not peculiar to the digital marketing space, as it is a creative field, these problems can have grave repercussions and can even derail projects and campaigns. What is needed is a tool that can help the agency collaborate and communicate in real-time, facilitate seamless conversation between teams and clients, and provide context around tasks and projects. And Zapty does just that and much more.

So do other tools like Slack, Asana, Skype, Dropbox, and Trello, you may say. We agree that these are great tools, but they are not comprehensive. Slack, for instance, is a messaging tool while Skype is mostly used for video calling. Zapty, on the other hand, is pretty versatile. It has features like chatting, group chatting (teams & discussions), file sharing, approvals, polls, video conferencing, and task management. With Zapty, you can plan your tasks, prioritise your work, delegate, and keep an eye on who is working on what. It also allows smooth collaboration with external agents through guest accounts. In short, it is a one-stop solution for all your teamwork woes.

If you are a creative agency, you are set to gain much more from Zapty. Apart from boosting seamless communication, the app also allows you to share your creatives and campaigns. Want to tell your design team to make some changes in the creative? Just annotate what you want to change on the image and send it to them. It also allows you to start conversations and threads regarding a particular document or image and makes working on infographics easy. The best part is that with Zapty, you can even track your campaigns with minimal effort. Just break down your campaign into different parts and keep a tab on the completion status of each part. So no more missed deadlines!

To sum it up, Zapty makes it super easy for digital marketing agencies to collaborate and communicate effortlessly. By offering a gamut of incredible features encapsulated within a single app, Zapty is certainly changing the way teams collaborate.

And last but not least, being featured on Jeff Bullas’ blog has been one of the high points in our growth story – a recognition that will go a long way in inspiring us to aim higher.

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