No kidding some more cool stuff … in release dated April 3, 2016

This is yet another release that we are very excited about. There’s a lot of new and awesome things that you will see in Zapty. We have summarized below what we have released today for the Web browser version and the Android app Zapty v1.44.135. The iOS app Zapty v1.0.11 will be released shortly (For early access to the latest iOS app, please contact us on


Images too large – now you can zoom in, zoom out – cool isn’t it

Let’s check it out. Your interior designer has sent you a concept for your new office.


You need to see the details in the image; use the Zoom in button on the toolbar on the top…


And zoom in!


Then go ahead annotate…


Oh yes, if you are viewing the images on the mobile phone then just pinch zoom in and annotate. You can also use swipe to navigate from one image to the next in a conversation (of course when awesome annotations are hidden)


Collaboration is complete if two people can edit the same Task notes and get notified if there is a change done by the other – yep we did it

Two users can edit the same note; so both of them get to see the little save icon in red color.


The other user gets a pop up asking “Keep my Changes” or “Accept their changes”. If the changes are accepted the text is overwritten by the change and all the Discarded changes all copied to the clipboard. Wow, thats nice!


If changes are accepted…


If “Keep my changes” is selected…



Ever lost typed content when switching views? Well, now you won’t lose it

See this in action…


Need a reminder to file your tax on time every year; go ahead set it up with yearly recurring reminders

Add a task



Use the “Recurrence” menu in task toolbar, select Yearly on the Set recurrence pop up.


In this example, a Yearly recurrence has been set for Dec 15 at 10am  with a deadline of 4 hours; set to occur every year on the same date and time.


Yes, you do get a confirmation that the recurrence has been set.


Recognize a subtask quickly by taking a quick peek at the Parent Task reference highlighted in brown

Take a quick glance at any task to know if it a subtask by the indication in brown.


Parent task highlighted in brown in task detail.




Go on, start exploring! Login to Zapty now.

We are all ears when it comes to feedback and would like to know what you felt about our latest version.