How to enhance Remote Team Productivity

Out of sight need not be out of mind – Ways to improve remote team productivity

The realities of doing business today – multiple locations, dispersed teams and shorter deadlines – are redefining the way people work. Add mobility and the possibilities offered by technology to the mix, and you have a scenario where it’s no longer essential for people to be physically present at the same work spot to function as a team. Welcome to the world of remote teams. How does this realignment of the workforce affect aspects such as people management, communication, project management, collaboration, and efficiency?

Here are some pointers on how your remote team can become more productive.

Keep the communication channel open

The importance of staying connected is critical to team productivity. Ensuring open communication is vital to provide inputs, answer queries and give feedback. Regardless of the method you choose, for instance an instant messaging platform, the fundamental requirement is for the communication framework to be readily accessible, when the team needs it.

Ensure everyone’s on the same page

Set the expectations right. Remember, in a virtual work environment, where the chances of walking up to seek/offer clarity is rather bleak, the importance of having clear project goals and objectives cannot be overstated. When everyone’s clear of what is expected of each individual, it’s much easier for a remote team to achieve the mission, together.

Get a Project Management system in place

Collaborate. That’s the key mantra for every remote team, to stay productive and be successful. For all the inherent benefits of working remotely, managing a team of people and the projects they handle, can be challenging. It’s crucial for team members to be able to collaborate easily, sharing resources, ideas, documents and spreadsheets, quickly and effectively.

Smart teams use smart tools

For remote teams to be effective, ensure that they have smart tools to communicate and collaborate. From the ubiquitous email to file sharing, instant messaging platform, screen sharing software, and project management software – make the most of technology to empower the team. While there are various options to choose from, it’s important to pick wisely to address the specific requirements of the team and the nature of the project.

Managing a remote team is all about orchestrating the varied and distributed components to work seamlessly and accomplish project goals. While there’s no denying the significance of hiring the right talent and following best practices, remote teams need smart tools that can enable them work better and embed efficiencies into the work environment. Tools such as Zapty do that, and more. So, whether you intend to script disruption, innovation or transformation, Zapty can help your remote teams connect, communicate and collaborate more productively, to achieve success, together.