How to: Bulk invite and add guest users


This is the first in the “How to” series of tips we are putting on our blog. If you are a Zapty user, you might have received these tips in our productivity email series. We sincerely hope that these do help you use Zapty effectively and become a productivity ninja. In this blog, we’ll cover two relevant topics – bulk inviting all your contacts and adding guest users.

Invite as many as you’d like

You might have already seen how to invite people by now. If you still have queries, you can go to in-app help within Zapty for more information or watch the video here.

Let us teach you another quick trick. If you have created an organizational account on Zapty, you have an awesome feature of bulk inviting all your contacts in one go. You can use the Bulk invite option to add upto 100 emails at once. Repeat multiple times to add as many contacts you want to invite to Zapty. They say, the more the merrier!

Just remember, all people added through bulk invites will be added as members and not guests.


Also, you can even get rid of comma, just simply copy paste your contacts from an excel sheet and Zapty will auto pick the email addresses for you.

Working with external collaborators isn’t a pain anymore

Working with external contacts is painful. Long, obnoxious email threads, unorganized work and what not, making it tedious and unaccountable.

Well, guess what! Not anymore. If you have an organizational account on Zapty, you can add external collaborators like vendors, customers, consultants and professional agencies as “guests” to your organization. You can work with them seamlessly through Zapty.

As guests, they will only have access to conversations where you add them.



Hope this blog has been helpful.

Happy Zapty-ing.