Projects, Checklists enhanced! … in release dated July 13, 2016

Projects, Checklists enhanced for better control. And some more stuff for realtime conversations. We have summarized below what we have released today for the Web browser version and the Android app Zapty v1.56.184 and iOS app Zapty v1.1.6.

Projects: Decide in which stage you want members to complete/close tasks

We have introduced a new option where you can either allow completion of tasks in any stage or only in the green color stage.
By default, this is set to ‘All stages’; but if you change it to ‘Only Green Stages’; then you cannot ‘mark complete’ tasks in any other color (Blue, Orange) stages. You need to move/transition task to the appropriate Green color stage and then ‘mark complete’. This is useful when you want to restrict the closure of tasks until it has reached a logical conclusion; which here would be a Green color stage.

Projects: Optionally see completed tasks in the stage view

Having marked tasks as completed you would still like to know if they are done. So here is what we came up with…
Example; when reviewing work done in the last week versus what is pending you will want to view completed and pending tasks together. You may want to review for work done over various time periods; so we have given multiple predefined options to choose from. However, ‘1 week’ is the default (PS: I like the 2 week choice to see what’s getting done in our release sprint!).
Soon we will introduce an option for Project Admin to define what should be the default ‘choice’ for viewing completed tasks for all users of the project.
An option to see completed tasks; but with a difference. Here are the choices you get…
Do not show: if this is chosen completed tasks are not shown / and not part of the task count for the stage tile.
1 week: if this is chosen then tasks that were completed since the last 1 week are included along with the open tasks. And count of tasks for the stage tile also includes these tasks. This is the default for all!
2 weeks; similarly for tasks completed since the last 2 weeks and so on for 3 weeks, 1 month. Or even choose a Specific date since when you want to view completed tasks.

Projects: Settings relocated for your convenience

While viewing your project (as an Admin) you will see a settings (gear) icon in the top right corner. That gets you to the Project settings where you can edit the project name, the project folder and Add/Remove users, teams.

Who is Typing?

Hey when you are chatting in a team or a discussion or a task context you now get to see who is currently typing! A must for a conversation screen, right? This is how you will see it…

Files: Direct upload, Rename file, Resync title

Now you skip a step while uploading/attaching files to a conversation. Just drag and drop a file in the conversation or just attach a file from the Upload File menu.
Once done you could rename the file if you need too!
Or… if you have changed the title of a Google Drive file you just need to ‘Resync title’ like this…

Email response – view original content

You may already know that you can respond to an email reminder for a task or even an email update on a message you have missed reading in Zapty. Now when you respond others can view the original email. See here…
This is the response given by me.


This is how it appears in Zapty conversation.



And here is how you view the entire email…


On the phone the same can be accessed via a long press, then click ‘View email’


And this is how it will look…


All email replies are smartly analyzed to remove signature and original content. However, as these formats vary from email client to email client; parsing may not be perfect. So in these cases you can always ‘Edit Message’ and remove the portion of the conversation that is not needed.


Checklists: Users can simultaneously edit a checklist in a task

If a user is editing a checklist and another user has just saved some edits to the same checklist here is what happens…
Let us assume that, a checklist is being updated by two users as below…
The first one saves his changes and this is what the second user sees on his screen…
The second user accepts the Updated Version…
… and Saves it.

Go on, start exploring! Login to Zapty now.

We are all ears when it comes to feedback and would like to know what you felt about our latest version.