Psst.. you have a reminder!

You were very prompt in setting up a task for yourself.. but ever felt that you have forgotten to do it and wished someone had reminded you? We are humans, it can happen to anyone.

We had the same experience! I am the Product Manager for Zapty and on the hot seat for getting things done! I have a team of 15 and I have a whole bunch of tasks created and assigned in the teams Product Management, Engineering, Documentation, Testing, Support and DevOps.

In all at the beginning of the month there would be about 80 to 90 tasks created, with deadline dates spread over the next 25 to 40 days. Everything looked great!

But, to keep a tab on everything including my own tasks was quite inundating. Team members would 8 out of 10 times miss deadlines, if I had walked up to them and reminded them it would get done. Overall as a team we would always miss the milestones. We noticed that if we were reminded of the task we would work towards completing on time else it would languish. Hmm, but were these tasks ever planned? That prompted the next modification, the Planned Date!  We enabled Zapty to not only give you an opportunity to set a deadline but also a planned date for each task (most tools speak the language of a due date/deadline but not both)

In the Tasks view,


and in the Task Detail view



Still we had tasks that were not planned and with no deadline, tasks with a deadline but not planned, and tasks with both a planned date and a deadline! We had all sorts of combinations but we still needed a reminder, else that would just not get done!

Okay, so now we enabled reminders for the planned date and also the deadline date. To make it exciting we added some color; Orange for tasks missed planned date and Red for missed deadline.

Great, we were reminded! Now what? Do you stop everything and work on the task that you have a reminder for? Or do you complete what you have started and work on the new task later? Or did you get a reminder for an unplanned task for the team?


We needed a way to say; well I can do this 5 mins later or in the afternoon or tomorrow or nothing before next week or just want to say Got it? But how do I do that? The reminder that we designed for Zapty gives awesome options to re-plan. I could move that task to any time/date based on when I thought I could do it. Did my boss know about it? Of course, Zapty sent him an audit trail.


We had another hiccup, if I had signed in to Zapty from my browser I would get reminded. That is also needed but what if I did not have the browser open? We decided to send out emails, just to make sure you get a reminder. What if, email option was disabled? Aha, that’s when we implemented Push Notifications for our tasks.

What if the guys still did not do it! A whole bunch of tasks were now overdue. That’s when a daily reminder for these overdue tasks was implemented. To make it simple we gave the user the option to choose when to receive it. You get an email as well as a push notification.



Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 6.08.00 a.m.

So now we had no way of missing out on any task! We came out winners, task missing deadlines was a thing of the past. Overall team milestones were within reach. WORK GOT DONE!

That’s how Zapty can help you. Create tasks. Plan it and/or set a deadline for when you want to do them and focus on your work! Zapty will make sure you are reminded on time.