Recurring Tasks are here! … in release dated March 19, 2016

This is yet another release that we are very excited about. There’s a lot of new and awesome things that you will see in Zapty. We have summarized below what we have released today for the Web browser version and the Android app Zapty v1.36.131. The iOS app Zapty v1.0.10 will be released shortly (For early access to the latest iOS app, please contact us on

Recurring Tasks

We have introduced recurrence for all types of task patterns (regular tasks, approvals and polls). You can set it from the task detail toolbar option “Recurrence”.


You can set up a task for daily, weekly or monthly recurrence.


Example of a daily recurrence is a task for an end of day sales report for a Sales Executive. Here a daily recurring task is set for Michelle for 16:30 hours to be completed in 30 minutes; with the last recurring task set to end by March 31, 2016.


In the same way Weekly, Monthly recurrence can also be set.

Follow tasks sent to all only when you need to

We have received feedback from a few customers that tasks sent to all (“All here”) – like a Poll to All – in the conversation may create an unwanted level of “noise”. So having listened to the customers; we have now set tasks/polls/approvals – sent to all in a conversation – as “not follow” by default. However, if you wish to follow you can always click on Follow.


A follow option is visible in the conversation


If you start following you will continue to get updates on this task.


Annotations have now been rolled out for Personal users

We have had image annotations for Organizations for a couple of weeks now. Personal users have also been asking us for the same. You can Upload, annotate and share pictures with your family, friends.

View the picture and click “Annotate” on top right of pop up.


Then continue to annotate as needed.


Go on, start exploring! Login to Zapty now.

We are all ears when it comes to feedback and would like to know what you felt about our latest version.