Something for the Admins and a few fixes … in release date June 28, 2016

Something for the Admins and a few fixes. We have summarized below what we have released today for the Web browser version and the Android app Zapty v1.55.174 and iOS app Zapty v1.1.5.


What do we have new for Admin of Teams, Discussions, Task Creator

Before this release all activity in the scope of the team / discussion / task where you are the Admin would be followed by default. This has now been set to Unfollowed by default. Soon we will be releasing a preference setting to setup a default Follow or Unfollow as needed.


Moving tasks across Project stages more intuitive

We have introduced a button on the task detail screen for the next stage in sequence.


And “More Stages” available using the dropdown button.


This helps when you have several stages and you can quickly move to the next stage with just a single click.


Multi-line messages on your mobile app

Mobile app users now have a carriage return for new line for sending multiline messages.



Go on, start exploring! Login to Zapty now.

We are all ears when it comes to feedback and would like to know what you felt about our latest version.