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Do less, get more: A success mantra?

Do less, get more: A success mantra?

Although this may sound like a line from a quasi-motivational self-help book, there is an actual science about the things you do and the degree to which you do them; especially keeping in mind the desired results. So how does one do less to achieve success?

Do the right thing

Again, not a motivational thought. One must identify the precise tasks that have a direct impact on you, your work, and your identity. Do a ‘Why-why’ analysis. Introspect on the repercussions of a certain action pertaining to a task. To put it simply, figure out the impact that a certain task has on your ultimate goal. Do this for multiple tasks, line them up on a basis of priority, and then eliminate or action them– either by yourself or the power of delegation.

Condition your mind

A task may seem daunting the first time, but it is important that you get on top of it pronto! Grab that bull by the horns and power through the initial struggle. The tasks and its sub-tasks will be a lot easier the next time around. Train your mind to learn the fine nuances of the tasks. Flex your memory. That said, figure out a way to eliminate or minimize certain processes in a task if they aren’t adding much value to the final product or your learning.

Break it down

Don’t treat that big project as the mountain that seems daunting. Break it down into smaller tasks. Distribute these smaller tasks into categories in your mind and then tackle them accordingly. As the favourite and much-repeated cliché goes, “One step at a time”.

Trust that voice in your head

Let’s face it. We all have that voice in our head that tells us when a certain task seems redundant in the bigger picture. Think and re-think about how essential this task is to the final product and the bigger picture. Is it just traditional in nature? Is it just a rule that doesn’t add much value to the process? Ask questions. Understand the place that the task has in the process, and see it from the maker’s perspective. Traditional ideas have always been questioned, but that doesn’t mean that they are bereft of logical reasoning. Think, challenge, re-do.

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