Task Reminders revamped in release dated April 18, 2016

One more release with some new and awesome things that you will like to use. We have summarized below what we have released for the Web browser version and the Android app Zapty v1.46.142. The iOS app Zapty v1.0.13 will be released shortly (For early access to the latest iOS app, please contact us on support@zapty.com).

View all subtasks in one view

For those with several subtasks; we have made it possible to view all subtasks in a single view. Just use the overflow menu in the task detail screen to experience it.

Assume you have to setup a promotional stall at an event. Now this itself will involve many smaller tasks which you may want to create as subtasks; they need to be tracked in a single view to know the status.

Say you have a Parent task for the event with subtasks created under it.


Parent task has a menu option for viewing subtasks.


Click on it to view all subtasks together as shown below.


You do get all the other views that we provide for tasks;


Very useful isn’t it?

Task Reminders Revamped!

Now reminders will just ring an alert with a tinkle of the bell in the top right corner of your screen. If you don’t type anything for 10 seconds it will pop up. Else you could just tap on the bell to view your new colorful reminders one by one.

The bell is now next to the Search icon in the top right of your screen.



There is a little tinkle and an alert sound when a reminder is received.


To view the reminders just click or tap the bell; and again to close it.


You may wonder how do I set a DND, use the Bell icon on top right of the Reminder pop up.



Copy and paste an image directly into a conversation

Let’s say you are in a meeting with your Sales team; you want to share figures for last month and let them know that you expect better figures this month.

On a Apple Mac you can use Shift + Control + Command + 3 (for full screen) or Shift + Control + Command + 4 (for selected area) for a screenshot or just Command + C to Copy.

On a Windows PC you can use Windows Logo + PrtScn keys for a screenshot or just CTRL + C to Copy.

Then ‘Paste’ it into the comments section of a conversation.

See this in action…