Hello Marketers, if you think collaboration tools are not for you? Think again!

Business in the present era is indeed a big deal, especially due to the Internet taking over global communication. The ease of reaching customers has resulted in the ever-increasing competition among products and services. This has left us, marketers no choice but to think and work innovatively all the time. To produce quality deliverables, we need an extremely talented team. Attracting great talent is no easy job as work culture is changing due to the introduction of concepts like flexi-timing, remote working, freelancing, and more. These working styles are much different from the traditional ways where marketing teams used to work under the same roof and brainstorm together. Even though these newer approaches have had many positive implications, it calls for a highly streamlined and coordinated structure of work, in order to keep everyone on the same page. This need has given way to the introduction of collaboration tools. However, if you think that your business is at an early stage, or you are just a freelancer or your business is yet to have teams in diversified locations and hence you do not need collaboration tool, then following questions may leave you to ponder.

1. Are you buried under a huge pile of emails?


There is always so much going on in marketing teams. There is communication from the SEO team, designers, editors, clients, etc. Signing in to our inbox and sifting through all these mails and checking which ones are relevant to us needing immediate action is how most marketers start our day at work. Instead, wouldn’t you prefer receiving just the relevant communication and not having to sort through? Collaboration tools help you stay focussed by showing you what’s important. No more sorting and sifting of inbox manually to get started with work. There are various ways through which collaboration tools ensure that you see the relevant stuff like tagging or @mentioning people directly, assigning tasks to specific people, etc. This results in saving time and increased productivity.

2. Is your to-do list always messy?


It is no new fact that our to-do list is never completely organized. The priority of work also keeps changing every time a new task pops up on the screen. However, project management and collaboration tools help you to prepare a prioritized to-do list and have an updated schedule within minutes. Planning marketing campaigns, coordinating with different teams, etc. all becomes crystal clear in the to-do lists.

3. Are you always worried about project status, more so if you are handling multiple projects?


Having all details about a project on our fingertips is not an easy task, and if it’s multiple projects then it is bound to be mind boggling. Whether you are an in-house marketing team or a digital agency, there will always be multiple projects a marketing team is handling. Project management and collaboration tools make it all a child’s play. These tools help collaborate data from everyone and you get a comprehensive project status report within a matter of minutes.

4. Is your team sometimes missing the action?


More often than not, a marketing manager is seen coordinating with inter-team and intra-team members on various tasks. Yet, not all are aware of their tasks for the day. Features like project calendars, task planning in such tools make it easy to work together by keeping all team members in the loop. This increases clarity and makes team members more accountable of their respective jobs.

5. Has document and file-sharing always been a Herculean task?


The concern of sharing files especially images has always been an issue because of file size, type, and formats. Sharing through emails and then giving/taking feedback becomes clumsy. Most collaboration tools ease the job with document sharing feature that allows for instant access along with additional options of proofing, annotations, and corrections thereby keeping all communications related to the working document in a single trail. In Zapty (a collaboration and project management tool), while annotating and providing feedback, you can create tasks, polls, and approvals on the images as well. This is very beneficial for managers and the design teams.

6. Has it been a pain to get all teammates for a meeting, at a single time?


Whether it is team enterprise or a multiple team business; whether the business has the entire team working under the same roof or it has diversified locations; it has always been a task to achieve hundred percent attendance. Collaboration tools to a large extent sort this issue with its various mediums of communication like chatting, calling, and video-conferencing. In addition to this, collaboration tools can be used in multiple platforms like smartphones and laptops thereby allowing the user the flexibility to work from anywhere and attend all the meetings of the day easily.

7. Have you had issues in providing real-time data to your clients?


Real-time data has become a USP of all marketing teams. There is nothing more important than real-time data. Working and collaborating on real-time data isn’t easy however, a collaboration tool assists in real-time communication with clients thereby providing an edge in the way you conduct your business.


If your answers to most of the above questions are affirmative, then you need to take control of your business and would hugely benefit from collaboration and project management tool. Such tools are not meant only for business giants, it is equally applicable for start-ups, small and medium businesses, not to forget, freelancers. They reinvent the way you work by streamlining all processes and tasks and by bringing all stakeholders under one umbrella. Well, if you want to be a long distance runner in this competitive world then a collaboration and project management tool can prove to be a potential magic potion!