To Slack or not to Slack…

So you think why Zapty and not Slack?

We are tired of being compared to Slack, HipChat and even Asana. But we are also very happy about being placed in the “big league”. Oh yes, these are great work apps and have made teamwork and productivity so effective for so many teams. And Slack is a wonderful app particularly if all you are looking at is conversations and notifications from other productivity tools.

But these are still not comprehensive. A team simply cannot use just Slack or HipChat to get work done. They are just chat apps without task & project management capabilities. Currently the basic work management apps are divided into 5 main groups-

  • Task & project management tools: Asana, Trello, Basecamp, etc.
  • Chatting/messaging tools: Slack, HipChat, etc.
  • Emails: Gmail, Outlook, etc.
  • Video calling: Skype, Lync, Hangouts
  • Document collaboration & storage: Google docs, Dropbox, Google drive etc.


Where does Zapty feature? All the above and much much more…

Let’s highlight some key differences why Zapty can be your single app for being super productive:

Some totally awesome features just for you

We have packed in so many cool things to make collaboration quick and easy for you and your team. Zapty has features like chatting, group chatting (teams & discussions), workflows like approvals, polls, document & file sharing and most importantly task management. These help you work seamlessly with your team. Other apps offer just few of these and you end up using multiple apps to work with your team. Imagine wanting to hold a quick meeting with your geographically distributed team. You either end up mailing everyone for a suitable time or quickly ping. The responses you received are all distributed across multiple mails and you need to waste your time in collating them. All this can be easily avoided on Zapty, you can quickly send out a time poll with multiple choices and see everyone’s response in a nicely summarized and collated way. This is just the tip of an iceberg. With so much within Zapty, your team’s productivity levels are likely to peak as they stop wasting their time on fruitless and tedious activities.



Context is important

Most modern teams still work majorly out of emails. And they are messy. We tend to lose information, there are chains of mails running through and there’s no clarity on who’s working on what. Here comes Zapty, your knight in shining armour. Within Zapty, there are tasks, conversations (direct or group), workflows like polls & approvals. For all these work patterns, you can carry out contextual conversations so that you never lose the context of what’s going on. Not just that, you can create threaded conversations, tasks, polls, approvals, documents, images and files. This brings in a whole new level of reference to any work that happens. Working with your designer on new designs for the marketing campaign isn’t as tedious as before. Earlier you would interact through mails, making the process slow and tedious. With Zapty, you can just open the designs, start a thread on those images and discuss what you like and what you need changed, all within the context of work. Create tasks on the changes you need and you don’t need to search through the emails for what work that needed to be done.

Threaded conversations

Starting a thread


Get things done

While most other apps offer standalone features for project management, Zapty allows you to chat along with work. You can create tasks, approvals & polls for yourself and others, plan them and even set deadlines. That way you can see your entire pipeline, prioritizing what’s important to you. You can do the same for your teammates and help them prioritize too. Not just that, Zapty gives you the potential to converse within any work pattern. You also get prompt reminders everytime a deadline is closer or if there are any unplanned tasks pending so that you never ever forget anything. These features help you stay focused on what matters the most to you. This also helps in reducing internal email communication and avoiding usage of multiple tools to get work done, providing a seamless collaboration experience.



Quick planning and prioritization to make your work life easy

Plan all your tasks quickly from the Tasks area. You can prioritize what’s important to you and keep less urgent work for later. The best part is that for tasks which are part of any group conversations (within teams or discussions), if the assignee plans or re-plans it, all the members get to know of it, adding accountability and transparency.

Planning task


Your entire summary of activities at one place

On Zapty, your inbox is your entire activity stream put together. It’s like a magic box where you can view all that’s happened lately. It gathers all new activity from teams, discussions, direct conversations, tasks etc. By default, the unread view of messages is selected but it can be changed to view all messages, received messages, files, tasks etc.

Zapty inbox


Collaborate right where work is

In Zapty, you can easily annotate on images. Not just text annotation, you can create tasks, approvals & polls right where you want, on an image, making your conversations so much more actionable. Working on latest designs with your graphic designer? No more lengthy email chains to suggest changes and see revisions. It’s right there in Zapty.

Or when you need to report issues to your IT team? Filling up a lengthy form explaining your issue and then adding screenshots can be tedious. In Zapty, simply send an image to your tech team and annotate about the issues you are facing.




External collaboration is easy

While most other apps offer guest accounts to work with external collaborators, Zapty has gone a step further. Guest accounts can be quickly created to facilitate communication with external parties. The icing on the cake is that, we do understand that while we offer a simply unbelievable product and would like to see all teams use it, not everyone would be on Zapty. For this very reason, and to not have any hiccups in your collaboration experience, we have provided the option to send mails directly to conversations, tasks and other work patterns. An external party need not have to be on Zapty to even work with you. They can work through their emails and all communication related to it will come inside your Zapty account.

Not just forwarding emails to a particular work pattern or conversation, they can even reply to a task reminder email to plan a task or mark it completed all without having to use Zapty and you will see all these updates (if you are part of that particular conversation or task) inside your Zapty account.

The bottom part of the image below shows various actionable items that can be carried out from within the mail itself-

Planning tasks from email


A single app for all your work needs

To sum it up, Zapty will provide all productivity features at one single place avoiding the use of multiple tools to get work done. This also helps in preventing information silos and hence loss of important information. Android & iOS apps are also available so that you can work on the go.


What we offer is definitely much more than many other apps and therefore we feel comparisons are fruitless. While the likes of Slack just offer an office chat platform, Asana excels in just project management. With Zapty, you get a comprehensive collaboration and productivity experience so that you never ever have to juggle multiple tools and apps.

We love to believe in magic and hence have made Zapty free for as long as you want. Click here to check features offered by Zapty.