What’s new in Release dated Dec 22, 2015

Welcome to our go to blog for the latest and fresh out of the oven updates on Zapty, please bookmark this category for regular updates.

We have summarized below what we have release today for the Web browser version and the Android app Zapty v1.29.110. The iOS app Zapty v1.0.7 will be released shortly.

Quick Search

You can use the search icon to to look for messages, tasks, people, teams, discussions in Zapty. Just type and select what you want to open the tasks or discussion or whatever you are looking for.

The Search Icon


Search bar opens on click of search icon

Search Bar

Type a keyword say ‘budget’

Type to search

Open context

Open Context

Initiate threaded discussions

Now you can initiate a discussion directly on the image, audio, video you have upload. You can also start a threaded discussion on a message


Message for thread discussion

Menu for starting a threaded discussion

Menu option

Sending a message in context (in the thread)

Responding in thread

This is how the threaded discussion will look like in the Conversation view

Thread message in Conversation View

Reply to a task reminder email to plan or mark a task a completed

Inserting a message in context from a reply to an update email, task reminder. Planning or completion of task via an email reply.


The format for response is suggested at the bottom of the email

Reply Format

Allow making a member as an Admin of the Everyone team

You can have another member administer the Everyone team.

Make Admin in Everyone team

Warn user if file upload is in progress before changing views

When a file upload is in progress and you try to switch screens, you will be given a warning message that file upload is in progress.

File Upload Warning

Filenames for images, audio and video uploads are now visible

When you upload an image, audio or a video the file name now appears below the uploaded file


Autocorrect suggestions in Android Mobile App

Android app users will now see autocorrect suggestions while typing



Detailed tooltips are now shown to for quick understanding of what the options is for, example below


For any feedback or support please write to us at feedback@zapty.com.


Happy New Year from Team Zapty!