Zapty now has a friendly bot to assist you, see what else is new in our release dated Feb 25, 2016

This is yet another release that we are very excited about. There’s a lot of new and awesome things that you will see in Zapty. We have summarized below what we have released today for the Web browser version and the Android app Zapty v1.35.122. The iOS app Zapty v1.0.9 will be released shortly (For early access to the latest iOS app, please contact us on

Introducing Zap bot to help you get started

Meet Zap, your friendly bot in Zapty. All new users will get a guided tour of Zapty by Zap. Just click on “Explore Zapty” and see what unfolds. Not just that, whenever you have any questions.


Also, once you get to Explore Zapty, there will some vibrant and colorful pop ups that come up in a sequence to get you onboarded.


Once these are done, a sequence of tasks are assigned to complete the process and start using Zapty.


Image Annotations

You can now annotate images you have uploaded in a team, discussion, task or any conversation context.

Here is how:


You can also add comments, tasks, polls, approval requests when annotating an image.




Click on Reply to comment on the annotation.


View all annotations on the image, and click on ‘A1’ to view its location on the image.


You can also use polls or approval requests in your annotations


Tagging Tasks, Files and Messages using # reference, cross references for tasks when tagged

Use #<Filename> or #<Task> or #<Comment> to reference a file/task/comment in any conversation.


Type and hit enter to reference a file, task, or comment.


A reference is placed in the conversation.


If referenced in a task conversation there is also a cross reference.



Configure Your Profile for video conferencing

You need to configure your profile with Hangouts, FaceTime and Skype ID so that you can be reached via video call from within Zapty, and ask your team to do the same.


Use Google Hangouts

Now use Google Hangouts for a One on One or even a Team/Discussion/Task for a contextual video call/conference.


Use Skype calling

Now use Skype from within a One on One conversation to start a video call.


Use FaceTime if using an Apple device

Now use FaceTime from within a One on One conversation to start a video call from an Apple device.


Go on, start exploring! Login to Zapty now.

We are all ears when it comes to feedback and would like to know what you felt about our latest version.