Team Collaboration

It’s 2016, and we still haven’t fixed our collaboration woes

Did you know? Only 28% of the employees said that they would like to collaborate online* 65% of the employees […]

Keep your to-do list organized and on track with Zapty

At a time when innovation is fast becoming synonymous to competitiveness, the professional arena has too evolved from traditional telephonic […]

7 secrets to add greatness to your team

You have a good team that works hard and delivers results in time. But you feel it can do better. […]

Hello Marketers, if you think collaboration tools are not for you? Think again!

Business in the present era is indeed a big deal, especially due to the Internet taking over global communication. The […]

5 common mistakes that hamper teamwork and how to avoid them

We often hear that working in teams improves productivity and creativity, particularly when dealing with challenging tasks. While teamwork certainly […]

Faster, Easier & Seamless Approvals. No More A Myth!

Waiting for client approvals? Is your manager taking his own sweet time? Even colleagues haven’t responded? Sounds like a common […]

To Slack or not to Slack…

So you think why Zapty and not Slack? We are tired of being compared to Slack, HipChat and even Asana. […]

6 Productivity Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs – Infograph

Why are some people more successful than others? Well there is no real secret to it. Discipline, perseverance and the […]

Productivity Essentials

Eternal question… What features should an ideal Project Management tool have?

The use of a project management tool has become a necessity in today’s world. Organizations have become dependent on such […]

Go on, pitch that idea!

The incredible thing about great ideas is that they can come from anyone, and that’s how it should be at […]

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