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“Zapty has completely changed how we track our work as well as our customer feedback”

– Alok Bhat, Founder of Advids

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Easy Feedback and Proofing on Marketing Collaterals

Annotate on images to create tasks, polls and approvals. Send tasks to designers, SEO specialist, content team, etc. in a jiffy.


Proofing and Approval on Your Assets

Get quick approvals on images, designs, content, budgets, etc. Online review and proofing is easy with tasks created and assigned to the right people.

Ideation to Publication

Threaded conversations and quick replies to keep topics together. Video calls within tasks, chats, teams, discussions, and projects for virtual collaboration.


Visualize Progress

Set up projects to define marketing workflows in different stages. Plan and delegate resources for work accordingly.

Plan Effectively with an Editorial Calendar

Plan social media calendars, content marketing calendars, etc. right from the projects itself.


Upcoming Webinar

Enhance Client and Vendor collaboration with Zapty: Learn how to stay on top of your to do list and maintain super quick feedback loops with your clients and external contractors.

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Sorry we are not accepting new signups!

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“Zapty has completely changed how we track our work as well as our customer feedback.”

Alok Bhat

Founder & CEO of Advids

“As a new organization with limited resources and skills; Zapty's really helped us achieve great efficiency and accountability! can't imagine getting work done without this tool!”

Parshva Shah


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