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The ONLY focused solution for law firms that combines matter-centricity and real-time conversation — without compromising the long, thought provoking dialogue email offers

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“Our team at ReplyAll began using Slack and we quickly realized that, while it did reduce our email clutter, it was yet another thing to keep track of and manage. Unlike email, which is asynchronous, Slack communication feels….more…chatty. After a week or two, I deleted the app and went back to good old email.”

– Columnist Zach Abramowitz, Above The Law

Why Choose Us?

Reduced Time spent on Emails

Integrated, real time conversations.


Distraction-free Working

Control for what threads you receive notifications.

Access to All Action Items

Tasks from projects, teams and 1-1 tasks seamlessly integrated into one list.


Documents/Discussions On-the-go

Access documents and conversations of every matter with iOS and Android Apps.

Visual Document Commenting

With ability to comment on specific highlighted text.


Ultimate Security

Option to hosting in private cloud for ultimate security, hosted in highly secure data centers.

Adapt Zapty to your Process with our Workflow Capabilities

Our proprietary inheritable workflows allow you to customize our tools to adapt to your firm’s processes.


Automatically Create Proposals, Documents, and Forms

By automating the most time-consuming tasks, take on more clients and give more attention to cases.

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Enhance Client and Vendor collaboration with Zapty: Learn how to stay on top of your to-do list and maintain super quick feedback loops with your clients and external contractors.

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“Zapty has completely changed how we track our work as well as our customer feedback.”

Alok Bhat

Founder & CEO of Advids

“As a new organization with limited resources and skills; Zapty's really helped us achieve great efficiency and accountability! can't imagine getting work done without this tool!”

Parshva Shah


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