Zapty for Non-Profits & Trade associations

In a very competitive and increasingly globalized world, there are several pressures on trade associations and non-profits. Some of these are:

  • No boundary around email domains, so it’s typically an interconnected mesh of people that needs to communicate with each other around a common interest
  • People are remote and often are part of a diverse industry
  • A typical productivity software and a project management information system doesn't work but yet work needs to be done
  • Being a peer organization, opinions & feedback from everyone is critical for consensus which is a challenge via an email group

Zapty simple and intuitive interface helps deliver efficient services for clients by creating a single central, secure place for you and your firm to collaborate and communicate in real-time.

Workplace Challenges

  • Email overload
  • Shifting & changing priorities
  • Unending interruptions
  • Multiple ad-hoc requests
  • Information and communication gap
  • Spreadsheets for managing projects and tasks
  • Strain among teams
  • Communication breakdown

The Fallout

  • Wasted time, money & resources
  • Zero visibility
  • Poor & delayed decisions
  • Missed deadlines
  • Ineffective collaboration
  • Unwanted meetings
  • Email hell
  • Missed opportunities

The Zapty Edge



Collaborate the new way

As an ideal work tool, Zapty will help you collaborate better both within your team and with external clients. So many features like video chat, real-time messaging, group chats and discussions for even remote teams to work seamlessly.


Get rid of messy chats

Collaborating can be such a pain with so many messy chats happening over multiple platforms. Get rid of them, Zapty has actionable conversations and lets important and useful work emanate out of chats.


Next Gen Project Management

Take traditional project management to the next level with Zapty. With all types of work patterns in a single app, and flexibility to create different types of projects, transparency & accountability within the team increases.


Streamline your productivity

Save time and get a productivity boost by using Zapty. Day-to-day work like bug-tracking, trouble-shooting etc. will become easier on Zapty, and you will have more time on your hands. We also offer a wide variety of integrations. So you will not have to switch apps to get work done. Zapty will be the single go-to app for all your work needs.