All plans include these features too!

  • unlimited conversations
    and tasks
  • basic task management
  • image annotations/proofing
  • basic document collaboration
  • video conferencing integrations
  • review and approvals
  • polls and checklists
  • company domain based url to
    access Zapty (not in Personal plan)
  • creative/design team collaboration

All plans include clutter-free conversations with Zapty's disruptive threading mechanism.
So sign up now with your business email id to experience all the features in Zapty!

We believe in setting the facts straight, when it comes to pricing

Although we think Zapty is so addictive that you wouldn't like to cancel your subscription, but incase you do, we will issue pro-rated credits of the unused duration.

You can cancel your subscriptions anytime to downgrade to a lower or free version. Pro-rated credits will be issued.

Change in the number of teammates or upgrading/downgrading subscription will be calculated on a prorated basis (not applicable for free plans).


Are the Starter and Personal plans really free?

Yes, these are the free plans and you can use Zapty for as long as you want. If you need more features and better support, you can upgrade to the paid plans.

Starter plan is for organizations and teams while Personal plan is for personal use.

For Starter plan, you need to sign up with your business email id, while for Personal with your personal email id.

With the Starter plan, you can create upto 5 teams, 1 project and invite 2 guests to your organization.

You also get a custom domain for your organization and by default an "Everyone" team is created where all your organizational members (except guests) are added.

Personal plan has a special domain url, for accessing your conversations on web other than the mobile apps, while Starter plan gives you a custom domain like .

For the Personal plan however, there is no limit to the number of people you can invite and there are no guest users. Also, teams aren’t available under Personal plan. To group chat, you need to create Discussions and add people into those.

Starter plan is structured in way that you can easily collaborate within your team while Personal plan is for collaborating with friends and family.

You can simultaneously combine a personal, and starter or other paid accounts and easily switch between them.

You can’t move from Personal to the Starter plan. For a Starter plan, you first need to set up your organization. Once you have set up your organization, you can easily upgrade or downgrade from any of the organization accounts (Starter, Business, Business Unlimited and Enterprise).

We’d be heartbroken to know that you want to downgrade or cancel your subscription. In the event you do, we’ll be issuing credits in your account. We have no refunds policy.

This is not possible currently, all users must be part of same plan. All plans are bought at organization level.

We never save card details. All our transactions are done through the industry standard payment gateway, Stripe and intermediate billing workflow is through Chargebee. You can read more about Stripe’s security here.

Only the admin of an organization can subscribe, upgrade, downgrade from a plan. There is no limitation on the number of admins an organization can have.

You can designate multiple users as admin in your organization. So the plans will continue uninterrupted.

We bill on a monthly or yearly basis.

Since we have tied up with Stripe, here are the payment methods that Stripe accepts.

At the end of the billing cycle the charges for the increase or decrease in the number of users is pro-rated based on the number of days signed up.

At the end of the monthly billing cycle the charges for the remaining days is calculated for this user on a pro-rated basis.

Yes, you can downgrade or upgrade your plan at any point in the billing cycle. However, you can’t do this for the Personal plan.

coming soon!

We are almost there and thank you for your patience. To request a demo, please send us your details and we'll respond within 24 hours.

it's exciting to know that you can't wait to use Zapty

We are still in Beta and you can fill in your details to request an invite.

Psst... We'll inform you as soon as we launch so that you are amongst the first few to try Zapty
(let's keep this our little secret!).


can't wait to have you onboard!