Client Onboarding Process Template – for Creative and Marketing Agencies

Who doesn’t want to be the most sought-after player in the market? Businesses worldwide are in a race to be the best in the business. It is a common notion that pricing and great product is all that is needed to ace business. This is where client onboarding process comes in the picture.

While these two form a vital part but, being a client’s favorite takes more than that.

If you want to create raving fans for your business then you need to be doing things differently. Just by doing this, you will surely have a high customer retention rate.

consumers and users wheel
Consumers and users segment

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Yes, we are talking about client onboarding process. Client Onboarding is mostly overlooked by businesses. Signing new clients can get expensive with respect to money, resources and time. In an age, where there is cut-throat competition, client onboarding has become more important than ever before. Most firms make the mistake of thinking that client acquisition or point of sale is the end of the client onboarding process.

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Simply put, client onboarding refers to gradually and effectively showing everything that a firm has to offer. It involves more than just answering the queries, doubts, and objections raised by the clients. Also, as an agency, you need to make sure that the client has thoroughly experienced your product or service. A lackluster client onboarding process dents your brand image and definitely hampers client retention.

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Why you need a client onboarding process?

1. Revenue

This goes without saying, profit is main motive of any business. A client backing out in the middle of the process is the final nail in the coffin. It is a great loss as all resources including money, time and energy go down the drain.

2. Loyal clients

Loyal clients always keep your business going. The cost of acquiring new customers is always high compared to retaining existing customers. Having loyal clients is a testimony to the fact that your service/product is good. They also make for great case studies.

3. Referrals

Good client reviews fetch business while bad ones snatch it away. One of the benefits of a well-crafted onboarding process is getting clients through referrals. According to McKinsey, 20-50% of the purchases are made through someone’s recommendations

4. Accommodates Scope creep better

Scope creep refers to an increase in the project’s requirements over the project lifecycle. Changes in a project are common but uncontrolled changes are definitely not. These occur due to client’s unreasonable expectation of service without willing to pay additional charges. A good client onboarding process helps prevent scope creep.

If you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer and feel that client onboarding is only reserved for the likes of MNCs, then you have to think it over. Clients will only come back to you if provide them a reason to do so.

one to one meeting with the client
One-to-one discussion with the client

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Jessica Castle, an online launch strategist who works with entrepreneurs, authors, and the like opines that the benefits of a good onboarding process include:

  • Mounting customer satisfaction
  • Diminishing refund rates
  • Good reviews and positive word of mouth marketing
  • Build long-term relationship with clients

While, there is no one size fits all process that would work for every business, there are a few common steps that are vital to forming a sturdy base for client onboarding process. Though there are a ton of resources available online, it can be overwhelming to begin.

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Client Onboarding Process Flowchart

A structured process such as the one below is definitely the need of the hour.

Workflow chart showing client onboarding process
Workflow chart for client onboarding

Here, at Zapty we developed a project template to help you get started.

PS: A new project needs to be created for every client you on board!

How is this Template going to help you?

The template aims to help you in improving your current client onboarding process. The template will help you with following:

  • Ensure all systems are in place such as required documentation, tools, educational and training materials.
  • Prepare a campaign in accordance with the client’s needs, requirements by knowing answers to important questions.
  • Build a meaningful agency-client relationship by monthly and weekly follow-up activities.


Overview of the Template

The template covers all the facets of the client onboarding process, ranging from the point of sale to the closure of client onboarding. It includes detailed instructions for meeting day prep, meeting day, after meeting activities, monthly and weekly follow-up activities etc.

In addition to that, we have also included a sample welcome letter template, a standard format for writing monthly reports. We have also included questions that as an agency you need to be asking clients in the form of checklists.


Recurring Tasks in Client Onboarding Process

During the course of the project, there would be numerous weekly and monthly follow-up activities. It could either be meetings or telephonic conversations. Also, when you are committed to helping the clients achieve their goals, it’s imperative to deliver certain deliverables to the client. Deliverables serve as evidence for accountability.

recurring tasks image
(image showing recurring tasks)

Follow-up activities are of two types, weekly and monthly. It is used as a parameter to measure progress, setting future expectations and goals. Follow-Up activities serve as an opportunity to build excellent client rapport.


How to use this template?

Below is a video to help you get started with the template. 



Client Onboarding is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. There is more to it than simply converting leads into sales. Client satisfaction supplements revenue. Give your clients a strong reason to come back and avail your services.

Build relationships with clients and see your profits soar high!

PS: A new project needs to be created for every client you on board!


Starts Zapty (free or existing) account with
a new project based on this template 
Try Zapty’s Client onboarding template FREE now