A Strategic Content Creation Workflow

As expert content writer, Zack Andresen discusses in his blog, generating content isn’t as simple as it seems, especially when there are multiple stakeholders and approvals involved in developing it.

This template takes Zack’s process thinking and converts it into a template in Zapty to help you develop content from start to finish.

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Synopsis of tasks in this project:

(After completing the exercise to define your content structure, each task contains detailed notes and checklists to guide you through the actual process)

  1. Identifying key stakeholders: content marketing strategist, writer, editor and designer
  2. Setting key project milestones
  3. Create a brief
  4. An outline
  5. Writing
  6. Review and Revise
  7. Review and Approve
  8. Create images
  9. Submit
  10. Publish and Promote

At the end of each post always review your results and measure for success.

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