Employee Onboarding: Getting it right

High employee attrition is one of the internal problems that companies face. The reason being a poor employee onboarding process. Be it MNCs or small businesses, this has been a problem many have a tough time dealing with. Often times, the reason turns out to be that employees face difficulties. They find it hard in being in sync with the organization.  

New employees who undergo a structured employee onboarding program are 69 percent more likely to stay with the firm for three years. This is why firms need to get the employee onboarding process right.  Also, 23% of the new employees leave within a year of their joining. This is why employee onboarding is important as it helps in setting a positive first impression.

Now you might say “We do have an employee onboarding program in our company”. Fine but, is it formal process? Surprisingly, 22% of the companies didn’t have a formal onboarding program.

Benefits of a structured employee onboarding program

1. Attract and retain good talent

Dissatisfied employees usually quit within the first six months. The prime reason being a bad onboarding program. When employees can’t cope they are sure to leave. Studies have revealed that good onboarding has helped increase employee performance levels by 11%. This is why a good onboarding retains and attract talent. Also, having a great company culture helps in retaining the best talent. 

2.  Employee engagement and team building

Having a 1-to-1 interaction with colleagues builds confidence for the new hire. Hence this should be a part of the process. Ask the employee to be a part of an event or activity. This way the new recruit feels valued. This is great towards building employee engagement. Hold an all-hands meeting to provide an exposure to the company culture. 

3. Decreases the attrition rate in companies 

 An onboarding program helps determine the right fit during the initial stages. It paves way for a free flow of communication and helps employee engagement in the long term. Thus it helps in reducing the attrition rate in companies.

Ensure that all new hires are aware of the company mission and your future plans. 

4. Promotes open communication

First time in a new environment can be uncomfortable. It is intimidating to share concerns or feedback about your role. Having a mentor or a forum during onboarding will ease nervousness. All doubts regarding the role can be clarified. This encourages workplace communication.

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How is this benefit going help you?

The template will help you in the following ways:

  • Draft a structured onboarding process to kickoff job orientation.
  • Ensure all the systems and tools are in place for onboarding.
  • Prepare a 30-60-90 day onboarding plan to successfully induct the new employee.

Here is an example of Brian Goth’s 30-60-90 day plan for sales reps:


Overview of the Template

This template covers a series of tasks necessary to build a well-structured onboarding program. It includes 11 tasks which are steps to build an onboarding process. It contains the following:

  • Present a welcome note and other educational materials to welcome the new hire on the first day.
  • Draft a 30-60-90 day plan which helps the new employee understand the whole setting. This includes process, tools and other entities such as vendor, clients. Giving assignment small and doable projects to build morale and boost confidence.
  • Options and alternatives to keep the new hire engaged on the first day. This can be done by offering relevant training material.
  • Ensure all the hardware such as IT, phone and work desk is properly set up.
  • Assign a mentor to guide the new hire through the onboarding process and many more.

PS: a new project needs to be created for each new employee being onboarded

In order to assess the effectiveness of the employee onboarding process right, you need to conduct a feedback meeting. This is to be done after the end of each employee onboarding program.



Wrapping things up, employee onboarding should never be taken for granted. Good employees are an invaluable asset to an organization. Since a lot of effort is invested in hiring people, retaining them is a must. A company always benefits from having happy employees.  They spread a positive word about the company. Hence, employee onboarding should always be your top priority.


Starts Zapty (free or existing) account with
a new project based on this template 
Try Zapty’s Employee onboarding template FREE now