Local SEO Template

Local SEO Template

The Local SEO template is inspired from Jason McDonald’s SEO FITNESS WORKBOOK: The seven steps to search engine optimization success on Google. Jason McDonald is a prominent SEO professional based in San Francisco.He is known for helping companies dominate Google and Bing with his SEO consulting services. More than just an SEO expert, he works extensively with companies as a social media consultant and an AdWords expert. Also, he imparts online SEO training for the Stanford University Continuing Studies.Apart from this he teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area and conducts corporate sessions in Oakland and San Jose.

How is this template going to help you?

Well, companies and individuals perceive Local SEO as a herculean task. With the help of this template, we will help bust the popular myth that ‘SEO is rocket science’. In this template, we have broken down SEO into simple steps so that newbies can get a clear picture of the SEO concept. Using this template, anyone can get the basics right and know the do’s and don’ts for a successful local SEO campaign. After going through the template, you will have a better understanding of SEO and what can be done from your side so that your brand achieves SEO success.  

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Also, after going through the template, you will be able to,

  1. Come up with short tail/single keywords and the process to create a snack pack results page for your website.
  2. Plan and execute review planning strategies
  3. Achieve local SEO results with the help of local search tools  such as Yelp and Moz
  4. Optimize Google listings to get likes, followers and solicit reviews from customers. It also helps us do the same in local sites such as Citysearch, Bing Places and Yelp etc.
  5. Leverage local SEO success by cross-linking your websites to social media and vice versa.
  6. Do internal site linking and get the correct inbound links to get consistent web traffic and get rankings for your website.
  7. Successfully engage in community engagement, trust and community building.
  8. Identify, monitor strong branded and organizational searches on the web.
  9. Use press releases and micro websites to enhance SEO rankings.
  10. Determine ranking, traffic and conversion analysis for the future.

Objective of the template

With the help of this template one can,

  1. Understand the working knowledge of SEO functioning and process of local SEO success like keyword criteria.
  2. Gain knowledge about the impact of content, updating of business listings, for a successful SEO campaign.
  3. Know the significant influence of reviews on SEO and create suitable review solicitation strategies.
  4. Learn the secret of Google local/Google  plus success
  5. Learn ways to respond to bad reviews and strategically review them

Overview of the template

The template covers the detailed basics of local SEO. It contains the steps to achieve local SEO success for your business. It includes various tasks in a particular order. Each task includes notes and a series of checklist which will guide you through the entire process. In addition to that, few checklist options include additional notes explaining certain terminologies. It can be accessed by clicking on the ‘pen-ticking-box’ like option. The following steps are explained in detail in the following template:

  1. Understand local search opportunities
  2. Claim and organize your social media
  3. Cross-link your website to your local social media.
  4. Understand and accepting the review revolution
  5. Create a review marketing strategy
  6. Facilitate customers to write reviews
  7. Responding to reviews

Watch the video below to better understand the overview.

Recurring Tasks

Also, a separate task stage named Recurring Tasks is created in the template.

Content Updations

Since SEO success is based on the consistent updating and repeating most steps, we have included a clear summary of the same. For the most part, a good review is a major composition for SEO success. Your other responsibilities include consistently updating your business description, NAP (Name, address and place) citation. As mentioned earlier, review strategy should be revamped at regular intervals so that customers will be willing to write good reviews. Quality content should always be a priority since content readability, dwell time and user validation also mount to good SEO success.

SEO is a continuous process and any inconsistency could result in below par traffic, low-ranking etc. 

Review Solicitation

Also, since reviews are a major part of achieving higher ranking in  Google. We have stressed the need for good reviews, things you could do to get them and facilitate reviews from customers.

According to a survey by Moz, reviews account for 8.4% of the total local SEO success.

Finding it too small a number? Well, that certainly will change when obnoxious reviews dent your image on social media.

To help you with recurring tasks, we at Zapty have created a new feature which notifies the users of any recurring tasks. To access it, follow the below instructions:

  1. Open any task
  2. Go to the drop down option, present at the top right of the task window. On clicking it, you will find a heading option called Task.The second option ‘recurrence’ should be clicked where a dialogue box mentioning time and deadline details would appear which can be set according to your preference.

Confused? Don’t worry, we have a demo video to help you out with recurring tasks. 

Start creating a project using the template in Zapty

  1. Click on the template link after which you will be directed to login to zapty.If you don’t have an account create one using either your Gmail account or a new Zapty account.
  2. After completing all the login formalities, click on the ‘Templates’ option in the sidebar.It will automatically pop up asking you for the confirmation for the creation of the project.

How to use the template for project creation:

  1. You will now have a project named “Local SEO” created as a result of completing the previous step.
  2. Click on the Local SEO Template >> local SEO which will open it.
  3. Click on the project tasks tab, showing you the task list for Local SEO success.
  4. Click on the first task “Understand local search opportunities” thus opening the task.

Watch the video demo below for reference.



To better explain the demo, let’s go it through step by step,

  1. As open the task, you will find a small window open to your right where there are ‘notes’ and ‘checklist’.
  2. The notes explain the need for each task, instructions to complete it and intended benefits.
  3. Study the notes carefully and go below to ‘Checklist’
  4. The checklists contain important steps to be fulfilled in order fully complete a particular task.
  5. All checklists must be clearly fulfilled, anything left incomplete or missed would not deliver the intended results.
  6. The checklists are in a sequence and must be completed accordingly. 


Let’s have a better understanding with the help of a demo video for the first task:


  1. First form a three column table where the respective headings would be ‘keywords’,’high rank’ and ‘low rank’.
  2. Include all words in the table and test them for search results.Depending upon the results you obtain, fill the table accordingly.

Also, test them for location as well. Famous restaurants usually pop up as a ‘snack pack’ owing to good reviews.

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