An SEO Keyword Research template by Adam Sherk of Define Media Group

Fact: according the the Similar Web Search Report, 95 percent of web traffic comes from organic search.

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That explains why keyword research is the second biggest activity for digital agencies.

But with Google updating their search algorithm 500-600 times a year, putting a good SEO keyword research workflow in place can be tough.

And that’s why I was so excited to come across this workflow from Adam Sherk, the VP of SEO and Digital Strategy at Define Media Group.

Adam’s process gives enough direction to make the perfect marketing template for SEO keyword research.

But it’s also broad enough for you to easily adapt to the tools and services your agency uses to gain a competitive advantage and boost your ranking on Google SERPs.

As Sherk writes in his post, a great keyword research workflow will “start fairly broad and then get progressively more focused.”

He suggests starting with a broader category – like barbeque – and then splitting that category into “clusters” of ideas (like grills, tools, sauces, etc.).

Those clusters then lead toward the actual keywords you’ll use in your content.

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