SEO Project Template for Marketing teams

This Zapty Project template is for marketing teams wanting to start Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Project.

It is based on a bestseller book “SEO Fitness Workbook 2017” written by Stanford professor Dr. Jason McDonald.

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new project based on this template 
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The objective of this template:

With the help of this template you can,

  1. Run an SEO optimization project for your company or any other customer.
  2. It will guide you through various steps starting from how to think and come with the list of keywords.
  3. It covers both On-page and Off-page optimization process.
  4. On successful execution of all the tasks in the project, you can effectively do SEO for any site.

NOTE: This is not a replacement for book, reading the book is must to get detailed thought process of author which will help in executing each task.


Usage guideline:

To get started, install this template in Zapty by clicking on Starts Zapty (free or existing) account with
new project based on this template 
Use this FREE SEO template now

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Begin project based on this template in Zapty

  • Once you click on the link, it will request you to sign in into Zapty, if you don’t have an account you can continue by doing a free sign up.
  • If you are setting up a new account and use google login it is an instant setup, otherwise, it might require one more step of email verification. Both the methods are completely free and they begin with the free plan in Zapty.
  • Once you login inside your Zapty organization it will automatically provision the project for you, based on the above link.

Want to know how template links can be used, watch this video:

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How to begin using the project

  • You have now added a new project named “SEO Workbook 2017” inside Zapty with the completion of the previous step.
  • Click on the Marketing folder -> SEO Workbook 2017 from the sidebar, it should open the project.
  • Click on Project Tasks tab on top, this should show you a list of tasks which are setup for execution SEO project.
  • Click on a task called “Define Business Value Proposition”. This will open Task detail.

Define business value proposition task:

Watch this video to help you get started on the first task.

To explain what you just saw in the video,

  • Once you open task details, you will see sections such as Notes and Checklist
  • Notes are already pre-filled with guidelines and also has space for gathering relevant data such as “Describe your business”, “Customer segments” etc.
  • Please read Notes carefully, and when you scroll further down you will area for Checklist.
  • These are series of steps and guideline you must follow to complete the given task. As you follow the checklist and read the book and fill the Notes area. You will start to see required data.
  • Some of the items in Checklists are marked with blue border check box, these are mandatory for you to successfully complete in order to complete the task. Once you have completed the first task, you may proceed to the next task. (NOTE complete assuming you have first completed all checklist items, filled notes, and required worksheets and now ready to move to next step). To complete the task you can click on the checkbox next to the title of the task.
  • Follow task as per the sequence in the project

Identifying your keywords:

Watch this video to view how brainstorming within a task (via messages) helps identify keywords.

Core Keyword task:

Watch this video to see how duplicating tasks can speed up processing your entire list of Core keywords:

To explain what you just saw in the video,

  • Core keyword task needs to be duplicated for each keyword identified in the previous task.
  • To duplicate task in a desktop browser, hover over the “Core keyword” task and you will see a menu on the right-hand side appearing. Click on three dots and it will open a submenu, where you will see an option to duplicate the task. Click on the same, and it will duplicate the task.
  • You can duplicate task based on the number of core keywords you have identified. NOTE, each task contains an extensive set of checklist which must be followed.

Once you have executed all the tasks, you have completed all the steps:

Synopsis of tasks in this project:

(Each task contains detailed notes and hundreds of checklists to guide you through the actual process)

  1. Define business value proposition
  2. Identify your keywords
  3. Identify core Educational & Transactional keywords
  4. Task for each core keyword (many tasks)
  5. Home page optimization
  6. Optimize website structure
  7. Setup content marketing plan
  8. Link building

Starts Zapty (free or existing) account with
new project based on this template 
Use this FREE SEO template now


If you have a process you would like to share with other users in Zapty please talk to us via intercom or, we will be happy to host the template.