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Zapty takes you and your team to an unimaginable level of productivity and efficiency. Get out of multiple disconnected work tools to get it all at one single place. With this project management tool and communication tracking software, every base is covered, giving you the complete means to manage, handle, delegate and execute. This is the best task manager you could need at work.

Reinvent the way you work

A bird's eye view of everything that matters to you, be it your personal to-do's, team tasks or projects. As a project monitoring tool, Zapty also allows organizing and planning around more sophisticated projects, sharing, proofing, collaborating, and managing documents and files, and tracking completion of all your tasks and projects. Zapty gives your organization, your team and you, a single source of truth for everything that matters to you, to stay on top, all the time.

and much, much more

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  • Remove the chaos and clutter of your emails with real time actionable conversations

    Getting work done through piles of messy email conversations and threads is cumbersome, difficult to search and you tend to lose information that matters to you. Instead, by using a collaboration tool like Zapty, you can collaborate with your team in real-time with conversations that are actionable and integrated with task management and fully searchable. Since it's instinctive to converse, we let work seamlessly emanate from conversations. It all feels intuitive and natural as you work with Zapty. Watch our quick video tutorial to learn more.

  • And that's not all. Now you never have to leave the context of work

    With Zapty’s teamwork project management module, you can converse in context of whatever you are doing: whether you are chatting with the team or working with a document or a task or a project or a poll or an approval or any other work pattern. Not just that, now you can open YouTube videos right inside Zapty and view a small snippet for each hyperlink pasted in the conversation so that you can access from within Zapty.

Let your chats never get messy again,
introducing aggregated work patterns

  • Polls

    Trouble deciding with your team on the latest app designs or finalising which marketing channel to choose for the latest campaign? Things just get simpler with Zapty. With the poll, finalise stuff in just seconds and know every team members' opinion. Watch our quick video tutorial to learn more.

  • Approvals

    Whether it is leave or an expense approval or document approval, you can send these requests through the approval workflow right from within the conversation. Not only that, it's all auditable, documented and searchable in Zapty for all future reference. Watch our video tutorial to learn more.

  • Group tasks

    Want to allocate work to someone or everyone within the conversation or outside, a task is a quick and easy way to do just that. You can plan the task, set a deadline, or even start a conversation within the task. Watch our video tutorial to learn more.

  • Zaplets

    These are customizable aggregated work patterns inside a conversation. You can create them from any conversation, project or task. Imagine, you were in a conversation with the sales team and you wanted each of them to reply to your request for number of opportunities in the month and expected closure value. Instead of each sales person replying within the conversation, you can get a more structured and aggregated reply from everyone. Easy to analyze and concise.

  • Get a single view of all work that needs to get done

    Inbox is where you get all your feeds. All replete with the context of the task, conversation or the project giving you a complete picture and always keeping up-to-date on what matters to you. And it doesn't end there, you can always click on any feed, be it a message, a task, a workflow pattern or an uploaded file and get right into the context of the entire thread. With Zapty, it is easy to not only manage multiple projects, but because it is a task collaboration software, also having a track of all ongoing tasks and conversations.

  • Eliminate the need of stand-alone communication, document collaboration and project management tools

    Zapty has unbeatable task collaboration. Unlike most other tools that are only focused on communication, project management, document collaboration. Every task is a real-time communication group, where you can have threaded conversations, annotate on documents, and assign time-bound, actionable items like approvals, polls, and requests, etc. This eliminates the need for separate tools.

    Zapty weaves these collaborative tasks in Projects driven by Workflows, to make project execution more transparent, increase knowledge retention and eliminate knowledge silos. And makes constant improvements possible. Watch our video tutorial on projects here.

Easily collaborate, proof and share documents, files and images with team members

We have taken document and file collaboration tools one step further and added annotations so that you comment straightaway on your file. Not only that, you can also add task, note, link, poll, survey, event on the document/file itself so that you can always remain in context. And, just drag and drop files to share with anyone on Zapty. Watch our video tutorial on annotating images here.

No more trying to find the holy grail of yet another personal to-do list

How many times have you decided to get organized and looked for the next best to-do app, and within days given up on it? Be it penning down on a post-it and sticking on the fridge or creating a sticky note for yourself on your desktop, it's always a pain to remember your personal tasks, business tasks or tasks related to your extended social life. With Zapty, it's a one-step process. Now create quick to-do lists from any device on our app or browser. The uncluttered simple list can be continuously used for planning and staying organized. Project, task, and team management has never been this seamless.

Get a complete view of the way your day or week looks like. Not just yours, but your team's too with the project calendars

You can see entire team's process management calendar and check for upcoming events. You can look at a calendar by project or for a specific person. In addition, you can also see everyone’s bandwidth and allocate work accordingly. No more of project status mails every day. Read more about project calendars here.

Zapty makes work management a breeze because everything that you use through the course of your day is built in

All your core productivity features are built into Zapty so no more constant switching between apps. And that includes your conversations or chats, tasks (personal or work-related), projects, discussions, files, calendars, notes and your favourite video conferencing software.

Integrate the applications you most commonly use, so that, it's all in Zapty

With the number of online project planning and management tools available, you have to juggle from 5 to 10 monitoring and management apps just to get your basic work done. You are continuously context switching from one tool to another. And worse, replicating information across many tools. With Zapty, we make collaboration and communication easier and seamless by making all your commonly used tools work together right from the start. See the list of our awesome integrations with the list getting updated every week.

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  • One single place to search on anything and everything

    With powerful google like Global Search capability and an even more powerful advanced filter, search on anything within Zapty. Unlike emails where things get lost, Zapty has smart collaboration tool capabilities where everything is just a search away.

    Zapty doubles up as a team knowledge hub, with past conversations, documents, tasks, teams, projects and discussions: all searchable. For new hires and lateral shifts, have them just go through past information on Zapty and get up-to-speed on the work right away. Getting back from vacation and feel you have missed something? Just re-visit the past activity and know the latest.

Always stay connected and on top of
your work anywhere, anyplace, anytime

Work from anywhere, download our app for Android or iOS and enjoy a multi-device experience. Stay connected with your work via easy to use mobile apps and powerful notifications. Switch devices based on context and situation without having to stop any conversation or work while you are online or offline.

And fret not, all these awesome features packed into a super easy tool to explore. You don't need to be a techie to work on Zapty.

"Zapty is as simple as you want,
as sophisticated as you can handle"

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